December 24, 2007

Mood Muzik 3: Record of The Year!!

Joe Budden's Delivers Classic
Joe Budden one of hottest artist out has released the album of the year. With his latest CD to the mix tape saga "Mood Muzik" he has established himself as a hip hop elite..... Oh I forgot to mention he still isn't SIGNED. Some may say my suggestion is crazy with albums from JayZ, Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West who all dropped classic records for 2007. Budden's lyrical content on Mood Muzik 3 is amazing his thought processor is faster than an I Mac and it shines through his music. Who would have thought a mix tape the record of the year?

Upcoming Movies That Look Like Butt


Step Up 2: The Streets

Because the streets are all about who got the best dance crew.


How many times have you seen a formula movie like this? Just sucks.

27 Dresses

"From the screenwriter of 'The Devil Wears Prada'" Nuff said.

The Bucket List

I wonder what the ending is gonna be? Derrrr.

P.S. I Love You

Sappy on a new level. By the way, what the hell has Hilary Swank been doing? Ass movies back to back to back. Halle Berry too. They're probably thinking, "Hey, I won Oscars, f*** it, got nothing to lose now!" Sorry gals, you have much to lose. Much.

How She Move


WTF? Yeah, A Real Movie


Yup. It's already won plenty of awards.

People With Too Much Time On Their Hands


December 19, 2007

Somebody's Been F**kin' Up: Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant


As you may or may not know, Jamie Spears, Britney's sister, is pregnant. Normally, I wouldn't care, but damn man, she's sixteen years old. 16!!! Nearly needless to say, this type of event was quite shocking to the Spears household. Now, if you're Jamie you've gotta be thinking that you're going to lose something. I'm talking about her show on Nickelodeon, her image, whatever. Bad enough your Britney's sister (that sounds worse than what I really mean), but know it's as though you're following in her footsteps. Her role model image might be going out the window too. Oh yeah, Jamie was impregnated by her 18 year old boyfriend, Casey Aldridge Dude's mom must think son hit the jackpot.

Here's some reactions too, courtesy of the USA Today article:

"•Joy Behar joked on ABC's The View about Lynne Spears' parenting book: "It's like Jeffrey Dahmer writing a book on food!"

•Celebrity editor Bonnie Fuller launched a full-bore attack on Momma Spears on The Huffington Post (, saying: "Lynne Spears, what were you thinking? Or not thinking and not doing? Did you never sit down with either of your daughters — Britney, now just turned 26, and the divorced mother of two toddlers or Jamie Lynn, 16 and now three months pregnant — and give them The Talk?"

•At least Mary J. Blige had a positive take. "If that's her choice (to keep the baby), then congratulations," the singer told "Hope she's responsible, and I hope she understands what that brings. … You have to change your lifestyle up, so (your children) can look at you as an example. It's all about Mommy being an example, Jamie."

December 11, 2007

"The Cool" of Lupe


I just read a very interesting article on Lupe Fiasco and his motivations behind his upcoming sophomore album, The Cool. You would think that with an album called The Cool, it would have something to do with the tone or the feeling. Wrong. Lupe is going for a more macabre, dark type of tone.

Then you have "The Street," "The Game," and "The Cool." One of the most remarkable parts of the interview is when he describes these three characters. Yeah. Characters. In his album he will strive to make characters of the three. The Street is the physical embodiment of the streets. The Game represents hustle. The Cool personifies two opposing things, the "Fonzie" type of cool (as he puts it), and the "destructive, chasing the cool...I'm cool because I got a gun...etc., etc."

To you this might sound like artistic bull, or it might strike you as a cool concept. I'm going the cool concept way, because it seems that nobody is doing hip hop the way Lupe is, and this album will probably put him ahead of his time. That is, if he can pull off his metaphor magic act. We'll see.

Oh yeah, you can check the interview out here

December 10, 2007

Remember This...?


Nostagia at its peak. Over half an hour of old show intros. Ha.......memoriiiies.

I had to do it


December 9, 2007

Why Watch American Idol When You Can Watch This...?


I don't know if there's a lot of people out there that watch the SUNDANCE CHANNEL, but there's enough for "ICONOCLASTS" to have a third season. This should be one of the more highly watched shows out there since it puts (I wanna say forces) two "celebrities" to meet each other and with that "meeting of the minds" let us see the magic in human nature. Famous pairings include Quentin Tarantino and Fiona Apple, Ashley Judd and Madeleine Albright, Maya Angelou and Dave Chappelle, and Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer (I though Jon was dead, but guess not).

Quentin Tarantino and Fiona Apple

Alicia Keys and Ruby Dee

Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer

Ashley Judd and Madeleine Albright

December 8, 2007

Cougar Or M.I.L.F?


First off i had no idea what a cougar was until i saw this video, and G4 felt fit to be my educator.....notice kevins date...ill i think i will stick with the MILF's.

According to Wikipedia a Cougar is a (Canada, slang) A woman of middle age who actively seeks the casual companionship of younger (typically under 30 years old) males. Sentance Form: A cougar approached Warren at the Palomino Club and asked for a dance.

MILF:(slang) Mother I'd like to fuck: A (putative) mother found sexually attractive.

About The 2 Girls 1 Cup Thing...


ok so not to spoil you fun on the internets i will not explain the video and i will NOT! post it on my site but i will direct you to it, i have a few reaction videos to it below.... NSFW!!!! (LINK ON BOTTOM)

The Roots' Reaction

Not to miss the theme song, Coffee Ice Cream by Dame Grease

2 Girls One Cup Video: Click Me

December 6, 2007

Tragic Month For Sports And Entertainment


First Sean Taylor is shot during an alleged robbery of his Florida home...

In memory of Sean here is a highlight film

And then rapper Pimp C dyes of an apparent heart attack…days before being nominated for a Grammy...

Pimp C one half of UGK With his friend Bun B in their Grammy nominated song International Players Anthem

Add to that Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert dies of unknown causes, his body was discovered before the band was to do a sound check prior to a show at the 9:30 Club (a venue in Washington, DC, one i frequent).

In memory of, my fav HH song "Ohio Is For Lovers"

And not to forget Evil...

Fall Out Boy In Concert


In its ongoing series MSN Music has tapped the Punk/Emo Rock band Fall Out Boy for a concert they performed on Nov,1,07 at UFC Arena in Orlando, Florida.i have checked out a few of MSN's shows and they are truly cool, me being a gargantuan Fall Out Boy fan since--the BEGINING!, I am stoked for this.

The show will debut today Thursday Dec.6, at 6PM P.T, and 9PM E.T. enjoy

Bonus: Breaks Over, The Take Over video/Track (the title is a shout out to there label president Jay-Z, from his song The Take Over)

TGTRAX: Fall Out Boy - The Breaks Over, the Take Over

November 30, 2007

Slept-on Movies Vol. 5


The Way of the Gun

Christopher McQuarrie, the guy who wrote "The Usual Suspects", wrote and directed this movie. This movie didn't exactly get the best reception when it came out, and it was probably due to the fact that everyone wanted a movie that topped "Suspects". In its own way, "The Way of the Gun" did. The movie is more an action movie than thriller, but that's just my opinion. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, partly because the first scene of the movie has Benecio Del Toro punching out a smack talking girl outside a club. This movie is completely original. I won't even plot summarize this one. I don't need to.

Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within

When this movie came out, there were people who wanted to see it and not see it (no s***, right?). The people who didn't see it saw "Final Fantasy" on the cover and said "F*** video game movies, they always suck). Most of the people who saw it were "Final Fantasy" fans and were disappointed about the choice of the story, characters, etc. Basically disappointed in general. On its own, this movie is amazing. You learn and understand the world of the story within a few mintues. The characters are digital, but you still care about them. The build to the climax is highly well done as well. If only the people who blew it off would have seen it. By the way, before "Titanic" came to Japan, "Final Fantasy" was the highest grossing film in Japanese history.

Evel Knievel Dead At 69


Evel Knievel has died today and will be missed as both an American icon, and a extreme daredevil. Knievel has jumped many things such as Greyhound buses, Sharks and the Snake River Canyon in Idaho (it’s that jump that made him so famous and iconic).

Billy Rundel (Evel’s Promoter/Friend) said Knievel had trouble breathing and has passed away sooner than an ambulance could get him to a hospital. Many believe it was probably complications from his many injuries during his long exciting career. Knievel broke about 40 bones on both sides of his career which he decided to hang up in 1980.

Evel Knievel Jumps 17 Cars and Buses (Portland)

Evel at Caesars Palace (Iconic Crash)

Bonus: "Touch The Sky" the video/track Evel tried to sue Kanye over, but settled it days before his death

Comedy LOL: Godfrey, Lisa Lampanelli, Sherrod Small


I featured an article a few weeks ago entitled Comedy LOL, and my friends loved it so i decided to put up a new one with new comedians.....ENJOY!

Lisa Lampanelli - "The Queen Of Mean" is an Insult comic from Connecticut, who is famous from roasting Pamela Anderson, Jeff Foxworthy, Flavor Flav, and William Shatner .

Flava Flav Roast

Godfrey - You probably seen him in commercials, movies, TV or at your local comedy club, Godfreys been around for years with out the credit he deserves so this ones for you "UP Guy"

Comics Unleashed

Sherrod Small - Representing Brooklyn NYC (my hometown) Sherrod is featured on variety VH1 show "Best-Week Ever".

Sharrod Small and John Mayer - Chocolate Rain

Video Games Live *UPDATE*


Video Games Live! is a show in which a world class orchestra performs video game music live! and has become quite the popular commodity around the world.

*UPDATE* VGL will be live on the air at the Spike TV Video Games more here

check out there official statement of what VGL! is below...

Video Games Live™ is an immersive concert event featuring music from the most popular video games of all time. Top orchestras & choirs perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive entertainment experience!

This is a concert event put on by the video game industry to help encourage and support the culture and art that video games have become. Video Games Live™ bridges a gap for entertainment by exposing new generations of music lovers and fans to the symphonic orchestral experience while also providing a completely new and unique experience for families and/or non-gamers. The show is heralded and enjoyed by the entire family. It's the power & emotion of a symphony orchestra mixed with the excitement and energy of a rock concert and the technology and interactivity of a video game all completely synchronized to amazing cutting edge video screen visuals, state-of-the-art lighting and special on-stage interactive segments with the audience.

If you or someone you know is into video games you won't want to miss this highly acclaimed one-of-a-kind concert experience. Or maybe you are looking for something cultural and exciting that the whole family will enjoy? Video Games Live™ is not just a concert, but a celebration of the entire video game industry that people of all ages will adore.

Video Games Live™ features the best music and exclusive synchronized video clips from the most popular games from the beginning of video gaming to the present. Games include:

Below the trailer for VGL!, and a Bootleg video of a fan Filming VGL! performing Halo 2/3 themes.

Halo Live at Yale U

VGL! Trailer

Hayden Panettiere Is The Next "Hayden Panettiere"


Hayden Panettiere the latest actress in the long line of stars built from the house of Micky, she has it all talent, looks, and smarts not to mention being from my home town of New York. Hayden also has a knack for singing she is featured on several movie sound-tracks, and is also nominated for a Grammy for her work on the A Bugs Life Soundtrack (in which she also voiced "Dot") she has a album in the works (slated for 2008). Hayden’s talents also fall over into the voice acting department she has been involved in such projects as Disney’s movie “A Bugs Life” (as Dot) and the Disney/Square Soft Games Kingdom Hearts I&II (as Kairi).

Hayden was also featured in movies ranging from "The Object Of My Offection", and "Bring It On: All Or Nothing" alongside TV shows "Hereos", "Malcolm In The Middle", and "Ally Mcbeal".

So back to my point about “Hayden being the next Hayden” she is certainly not devoid of ability and restraint (via Julia Roberts), she’s overflowing with potential, and since she’s from New York I think the fame won’t get to her too much...unlike several other celebs.

Featured below are a selection of pictures from her “VanityFair”, and “Vogue” photo shoots, plus videos of her singing.



Hayden Singing "Try" From "Bridge to Terabithia" (LIVE !!!)

Bonus Video:Hayden Panettiere - I Still Believe

November 28, 2007

Videos You Have or Should Have Seen vol. 1


Creativity and ingenuity shall always be the keys here.

Talib Kweli - Hot thing/In the Mood

Kate Nash - Foundations

Lily Allen - LDN

One Republic - Apologize (not Timbaland)
(might seen weird at first, but play it all the way through)
(supposedly, this video took only $2000 to make)

Kanye West - Good Life (had to do it)

Marc Ronson - Stop Me (international version)


Kanye West - Good Morning (Takashi Murakami Video)


Wyclef: T.I. = A Prophet


A little while ago I heard about Wyclef calling T.I. Malcolm X. Almost needless to say what I thought about that, but I was thinking if T.I. is the new Malcolm X, then I'm the new Ghandi. I think it is surprising that Wyclef was the one that said this. Of all people, Wyclef. MTV quoted him as saying this about T.I.:

"I believe in one sense he's a prophet," Wyclef continued. "He has that gift. When he speaks, whatever he speaks about, you can feel it. And beyond feeling it, he really lived it. And it's like, he's basically saying, 'Look what I become. And you kids inside of these rough communities, you can become that.' I grew to like him a lot. I got attached to him, and he's someone I would definitely ride for. I went back and listened to it and played it for a lot of homies. And they said the song reminded them of the 2Pac song 'Keep Ya Head Up,' but the 2008 version. Because the song is like, 'I could have been, but look what I become...I vouch for the kid in the sense that I think he was one of the smartest rising stars in not [just] the music industry, but the world. I watched him on 'Hip-Hop vs. America,' and I saw the way he was talking just like Malcolm X. The conversation started getting deeper and deeper. And I think he has influence. When he speaks, it moves a whole generation."

Okay, he did not exactly say that T.I. was the new Malcolm X, but he did compare T.I. to a prophet, to being a prophet. That's fine and all, everybody's entitled to their opinion blah blah, but Wyclef is damaging the word "prophet" (and "Malcolm X" for that matter). It seems as though the bar for being a prophet has, these days, lowered with the quality of hip hop. I do see T.I. as one of the most eminent, brightest stars in the South, but c'mon. If any rapper that talked about how they came up from nothing is now a prophet, then f*** it, I'll fast for one day and call myself Ghandi. That whole "he speaks, it moves a whole generation" scrap about being on "Hip Hop vs. America?". C'mon. I guess he missed the Beef interview where T.I. was bitching out Lil' Flip with an oversized grill in his mouth. Wyclef, in the quote, kind of reminds me of the Stephon Marbury interview Marty posted earlier. I hope this is more of a Wyclef thing than a social thing. Maybe the world is in need of icons and we are so desperate for a leader that it forces someone like Wyclef to look at T.I. as a prophet. F*** is going on, man.

November 24, 2007

Field Music Stays "In Context"


So im listing to new music as alway and i happen to stumble across this "Fetch" ass band called Field Music, who happend to have this awsome song called "In context" so i decided to share my discovery with you, also i wouldnt mind you thoughts on the video/song either. i will add the track later (at work, lol), until then enjoy the video below, enjoy!

Wiffle-Bat Fight Club


So im downloading some pod cast the other day on my Zune, and i see one from G-4 labeled "Wiffle-bat Fight Club" so i started watching it......for some reason its always fun seeing two people beat the snot out of each other. Soon after i knew i would need more, so im ASKING THAT YOU, THE PEOPLE OF THE INTERNETS MAKE SOME WIFFLE-BAT FIGHT VIDEOS just for me!

any way wiffle bat videos below ENJOY!! i know i did

Kanye Mourns, But Gets "Stronger"


Following the tragic death of his mother Kanye West got "Stronger," during his first show since burying his mother Kanye tried to dedicate and perform "Hey Momma". He got as far to say i dedicate this to my mother, and "I wanna tell the whole world abo...." before he broke down crying.

watcing this video was one of the most touching experiences i have ever seen anyone go through, the spot light shined down on him while standing in the middle of the stage, he cried for his mom while the band played on. He eventually left the stage for a few minutes and came back to finsh his show with the appropriately titled "Stronger", as the crowd yelled KANYE!, KANYE!, KANYE! encouraging him to come back to the stage. Stronger played as the crowd waited for Kanye to come back out, he did, the crowd kept up the chant as he sing "I need you right now!, I need you right now!".

you can check out this video below, along with the Larry Kind Interview of Dr. Jan Adams (the doctor who killed Kanyes Mother)

Kanye in Paris, Performing "Hey Mama" for the first since his mothers death

After recovering from his breakdown, Kanye finishes Strong

Bonus: Kanye West ft. Papoose - Dear Momma (Hey Mama Remix)

And so it seems that Dr.Jan Adams has a checkered past, there has been a number of women who have had botched surgerys from this guy. I think him not doing the Larry king interview was a very calculated move on his behalf, because he knows a law suite is soon to follow (not to mention hes a already a criminal). more on this guy (thx to access hollywood) 1 23 below...

The Larry King interview With Dr. Jan Adams

Criminal Evidence on Dr. Jan Adams

Bonus: Kanye West ft. Papoose - Dear Momma (Hey Mama Remix)

Celebs Behaving Badly pt.1


Have you ever seen a video that you couldn't believe? your favorite sports figure/actor/singer doing or saying something you couldn't believe?, of course you have (Pictured to the left singer Amy Winehouse caught with cocaine residue in her nose). So in honor of celeb meltdowns and flame-outs i present to you celebs behaving badly pt.1

First up is the much talked about, but hard to find interview of Stephon Marbury, in this video he calls his wife a hoe, describes kissing and being "delighted" about his sister, and just acting odd in general. ALSO...i have come up with a follow up interview with Steph talking about the interview, which also takes a weird turn....

First Interview

Second Interview

Tom Cruise, fist of all let me say i didn't think this video was as bad as the media played it out to be, but the fact remains that people love to bring down celebs.
with that said here goes Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch...

Scott Pollard, an NBA player who while injured, during a game noticed that a camera was in his face and decided to tell your kids something meaningful.

Last but certainly not least, AMY WINEHOUSE, this girl is on drugs so bad she decided to hide some in her hair and than decided to snort it on stage.

November 21, 2007

Joe Budden Mood Muzik 3 Dated


After the critical acclaim from his second mixtape album, mood muzik 2, Joe Budden is set to release his highly anticipated mood muzik 3 this Dec. 11th. The disc is available for pre order right now the cheap price of $10; you can find all kinds of sample tracks on the YouTube’s and Allhiphops of the internet’s now.

Below a new music video for "Star Inside of Me," the official trailer for Mood Muzik 3, and a preview hosted by Joe.

Joe Budden - Star Inside of Me

Preview of Mood muzik 3

November 11, 2007

Kanye's Mother Passed Away


Donda West, Kanye’s mother, died early Sunday morning in L.A.

She was 58, no explanation was given toward her condition at the time.

Donda West was a college professor for 31 years, her teaching credits include Chicago State University in 1980 (where she chaired the schools English department), she began her career in the early 70’s as an instructor in Atlanta’s Brown College, she later retired from teaching in 2004 to manage Kanye’s career.

She served as chief executive of West Brands LLC, which is the parent company of Kanye’s business enterprises, Donda also performed duties as chairwoman of the Kanye West Foundation, an educational nonprofit organization that works to decrease dropout rates and improve literacy. Donda was also wrote and published the book "Raising Kanye: Life Lessons from the Mother of a Hip-Hop Star," the book intails her experience raising Kanye.

Much love and respect goes out to Kanyes Family...

Or better put in the words of Rhymefest "She was everyone's mom...A spirit never dies, a spirit lasts forever."

*UPDATE* [It turns out that Donda West's death was because of a faulty cosmetic operation...]

November 8, 2007

Upcoming Movies #2



Wanted (sick! based on a comic book I read a while ago)

Harold & Kumar 2

Cassandra's Dream

Pride and Glory

The Great Debaters

Love in the Time of Cholera (awesome book)

Darfur Now

Charlie Wilson's War (good book as well)


...a little extra


just in case you didn't know, the trailer is fake.

November 7, 2007

Quan Set's Camron's No Snitchin' Policy Straight


First of all I’m a big fan of not snitching, mostly from experiences with friends in tight situations. how ever there is a line where snitching is needed in communities, Camron said that if there were a serial killer living next door to him instead of telling the authorities, he would instead move away to avoid snitching. This is to me is disturbing, misguided and unintelligible on Camron's behalf. If someone kills, harms, or hurts anyone I know and love, I will get them done any way I could now if that involves telling on them than so be it.

Below, Camron Giles’: Misguided Beliefs on Snitching.

Quan's rebuttal to Camron's stupid statements

Bonus Jay-Z and Nas - Calling Camron out as a snitch (When will it stop?)

November 6, 2007

Common Sophisticated Fashion

)Sophisticaed With a Hip Hop Flare

Lonnie Lynn known to many as Common (his Hip-Hop name), has been shaking up the rap game since his introduction in 92' with his conscious rap lyrics and unusual style of dress for a Hip-Hop artist. Not the usual Fashion of a Hip-Hopper with white tee's and Timberland’s but rather a nice knit sweater khakis and high quality shoes. His swag is major he just shows that you don’t have to thug it out to make it in the rap game. Lonnie has managed a 15 year career while dropping classic records including his new classic "Finding Forever" all this without posing to be something he wasn’t. Keep making that good music Common…ONE<3


November 1, 2007

Studio Spotlight: Kanye West


There, of course, is an inherent difference between musicians and artists. Simply put, musicians play instruments; artists perform on instrumentals. The thing about Kanye West is that he is an artist and a musician. From these clips you can see a range of how he works in the studio; whether making a beat for fellow up-and-comers, or working on his own album, one can see the man's has some work ethic. And he LOVES music. Trust me, there are not that many artists that LOVE music these days. Love him or hate him...

Kanye making a beat (and a hook) for Do or Die--a Chicago rap group.

Kanye working with Timbaland to perfect "Stronger".

Kanye speaking and working on truth.

Jay-Z and Kanye working on "The Black Album" (precisely, "Lucifer).

A little extra...he was working on this beat for the Stripped Music website.

October 18, 2007

Slept-on Movies Vol 4: Mob Edition


Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995)

So there's a guy by the name of Jimmy the Saint. What a name, right? He got out of the mob racket by retiring him but his dreams don't seem to be paying any dividends. Jimmy's smart, cool, and quietly tough. One day his paraplegic boss decides to bring him back for one last job. The money his boss offers lulls Jimmy back in. Jimmy gets his old crew together, everything seems to be okay. Until the job goes awry and everything and everyone in and around Jimmy seem to be falling apart. Andy Garcia stars, Christopher Walken plays the boss. Was hailed by critics but long forgotten by the people. Check this one out. Got an interesting love story in it too (don't they all?).

10th & Wolf (2006)

Tommy comes back from Iraq (after whooping his CO's ass) to find out that his childhood friend and brother are knee, leg, waist, shoulder deep in trouble, to say the least. Balancing his love for his friends and his feelings of betrayal, he tries to help. Sort of. By the way, Tommy's compadres don't know that Tommy is undercover (but we do from the beginning, so don't worry I didn't spoil anything). Inspired by a story from the real life "Donnie Brasco", this movie has that classic tale we all love.


We Own the Night (2007)

Since we're on the topic of classic tales, I thought I'd add this movie that is destined to be on this list. It's a shame, really. Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix star as two brothers on seemingly opposite sides of crime war. What's interesting about the movie is that the lines don't get blurred throughout the movie, they get clearer. You'll know what I mean. This better should become a classic, we'll hope it does. Directed by James Gray, the same guy who directed THE YARDS, the movie I showed earlier. WATCH THIS TONIGHT, IT'S IN THEATERS!!!

October 11, 2007

Kanye West the new spokesmen for Fendi?

Story By: BrooklynBape23

For Kanye Its Fendi

So it seems evident that Kanye West "The louis Vuitton Don" is now a spokesmen for Fendi, in the photo above Kanye is snapped performing with fellow Chi-Town rapper Lupe Fiasco. Kanye is unmistakably wearing a lavish Fendi hoodie in the traditional brown and tan color design.

Below shows Kanye with the Fendi logo carefully crafted on the side of his head. . . . . Has Kanye gone too far with the comedy? I’d say with a unpretentious smile, YES

October 8, 2007

Bootylicious Videos


the title says it all........sorry ladies, well most of you anyway

Ja rule - Body versions 1,2,3 in that order

Nelly - Tipdrill

50 Cent - Disco Inferno

Ludacris - P-Poppin'

Denzel Washington The Real "American Gangster"?


Denzel Washington has a "Pay as you play" contract in which he gets paid to be in a movie no matter if the movie makes it to the big screen or not. His going rate is twenty million a picture.

Denzel’s new movie "American Gangster" is set to be released November 6th, but wasn’t always a go, it seems that the Director of Training Day was all set to direct on American gangster with Denzel Washington starring, but for creative differences the movie fell all the way through, still Denzel had already signed on and received his twenty million, now a couple of years later director Ridley Scott has come across the script and decided to put the movie into production, Russell Crowe became interested, and Ridley Scott decided that Denzel Washington was still the man he needed to bring out the roll.

So in case you missed the point Denzel rolled in "40 MILLION" to star in a movie that isn’t even out yet. Nice work Denzel… congrats Denzel Washington you are an "American Gangster"

Below Heart of the City produced by Kanye West for Jay-Z's The Blueprint in 2001, also he sampled a cut from this track on "Good Mourning" which is featured on "Graduation". Heart of the City is the song playing in the backround of the trailer below, enjoy!

Jay-Z - Heart of the City (Produced by Kanye West)

Where Did McD's Get The "Im Lovin It" From?


In august 2003 McDonalds rewarded Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes a cool 6 Million for their hit song "Im Lovin It", the in suing media campaign has obviously been a hugh success with Timberlake becoming an even bigger star after leaving *N’Sync in addition to McDonalds continued domination over the fast food industry the past four years.

Cool fact: im lovin it was initially supposed to be featured on Timberlake’s debut cd but was cut from the original version; it was later released on a special version of the disc and has a remix with Snoop Dogg.

Justin Timberlake - Im Lovin It

Justin Timberlake - Im Lovin It

Comedy (LOL)


Howie Bell (i woukld love to see more from this guy) i have been trying to track him for years now.
Howie Bell

Donnell Rawlings aka Ashy Larry (this set is so funny) SHUT THE MOUSE!!!


Rob Stapelton

DeRay Davis

Bernie Mac - Kings of Comedy

Dane Cook: Vicious Circle

October 2, 2007

David Letterman Ask Paris About Jail..........Again, And Again


David Letterman Pwns/Kills/Destroys (pick one) Paris Hilton.......I need not say more

Question was David to hard on Paris?

Paris hilton ft. Jadakiss & Fat Joe - Fighting Over Me (produced by Scott Storch)

Who The hell Is Asha?


Who the hell is Asa? she is a Nigerian (French) artist with an Jamaican sound, no pun intended but the sounds I am hearing are totally in sync and prepared to be a number one hit (at least in my world). Her lead single "Fire on The Mountain" from the forth coming album "ASA" is exactly that FIRE!!! Check out the incredible creative video below also her album drops October 16.........pick it up.

Kanye West on SNL (Mocking Himself)


I think this sketch was classic and probably will win an award like Justin Timberlakes performence last year. this skit is a play off of Ye on "106 and Park"...check it out

Kanye backstage on the set of SNL, he runs into Mike Meyers (for the first time since the "George Bush" ordeal.

SNL Kanye West

Add to My Profile | More Videos

The Kanye on Katrina (George Bush)

And the performence from SNL (he messes up on live tv, and than freestyles)

Bonus: Kanye West on Nightline
this video is great it shows a diffrent side on Kanye West, and i love his honesty. (not many artist are as honesty as Kanye)

part 2.

Part 3.

Kanye West - Home (original)

Britney Spears Loses Custody of Her Kids


The honorable Scott M. Gordon a superior Court Judge has ruled that that Britneys ex-hubby Kevin Federline will take custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, starting on Wednesday/10/2/2007 and this is "until further order of the court."

so it seems like maybe Chris Crocker can try and get K-Feds lawyers to leave britney alone. This is bad news for Brit because i really had faith in her turning her ship around, and yes i am a Britney fan......MTV shitted on her, and now K-Fed (whom she should have known better about.......

In case you havent seen the VMA performence

that performence followed with a hugh media fallout on britney, which lead to this

So now what i am wondering, what we are all wondering is, if Chris Crocker has something new under his flamboyant sleeve?

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Seth Green leave Chris alone

Tony's responce to Chris Crockers video

Tonys Reference to brit cursing a camera man

Britney Spears Attacks

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Britney Spears ft. Pharrell - Stupid Things

September 27, 2007

Slept-On Movies Vol. 3


Changing Lanes
One car crash on the F.D.R. changes everything. A corporate lawyer (Ben Affleck) and an afflicted father (Samuel L. Jackson), on the way to a courthouse, get in a car accident and soon find themselves committing desperate acts of revenge to keep their lives on track. This movie is one of the few original thrillers out there. The world of the film is as interesting as the troubles of the two characters, and I don't want to say anymore or else I'd spoil it. Definitely check it out. By the way, the dude who directed "Notting Hill" directed this. Yeah, "NOTTING" freaking "HILL"!

Andrew Niccol Special.

This film may be under science fiction, but you don't have to like sci-fi to like this movie. Written and Directed by Andrew Niccol, Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman play Vincent and Irene. In the future, there are "valids" and "in-valids". Valids are genetically engineered for greatness with only the best genes two parents can offer. Vincent was born an in-valid with dreams of making it to space. The problem is that in-valids are frowned upon and are believed to not be capable of much. Vincent vows to follow his dreams. By becoming Jerome, (played by Jude Law) Vincent vows to infiltrate Gattaca (a space firm) and go into space. What do they say about the best laid plans? Yeah. This is a sci-fi classic that I think has gone very unappreciated in the public.

Lord of War
Onto another Andrew Niccol movie. This is actually different from all of the films Niccol has done, that is, it's not sci-fi. This film shows the story of Yuri Orlov and his rise into gunrunning. This is an incredibly though-provoking movie that also co-stars Bridgette Moynahan, Ethan Hawke, and Jared Leto. The movie got good reviews, but went largely unnoticed.