April 26, 2007


My First Post......a little about me

Well my name is Shawn Stewart.

For some reason ive been feeling it in my bones to start writing blogs such as this one.

I have a fairly rounded background regarding life I have lived in the ghettos of improvised America (Brooklyn, New York City); also I have had the privilege to live in suburbia...

I have come to understand a lot of things that other wise I would have maybe been closed minded too, for instance I am mixed Asian, black, and Irish but I look more like im black and Asian (Korean) so a lot of the time when I meet white/black/Asian people they think im a "gangsta" and that I only listen to Hip-Hop, boy are they mistaken im listening to Incubus -Light Grenades -track 12 - Diamonds and Coal right now. im very unconventional and nonconformable example I have a zune not an ipod, I have an Xbox 360 not a ps3, I have a Honda Accord not a Toyota Camry.....I prefer real hip-hop (nas, Lupe fiasco, papoose) over crap-hop (d4l, franchise boys), great song writing (fall out boy, john mayer, the bird and the bee). By my friends accordance I am a democrat/republican (thx to my religious background). But don’t get it twisted I am not a religious freak like the dire enemies the EVANGELICALS (but that’s another story in its self).

With all of that said im just a down to earth kid obsessed with fashion, video games, life, politics, and gadgets..........ECT. LOL

1 <3