August 29, 2007

"I Get Money" is a fraud

The guy who SAID he was behind the beat was Scott Boogie. Problem was that he was lying. The real producer of the track is Bed Stuy's Apex. Apex posted a number of beats online (including myspace and some other places) and had quite a bit of a following.

According to Apex, Scott Boogie stole a number of producer's beat from myspace, put it on a CD, and presented it to industry heads as his own work. The people at G-Unit records liked what he had and so did 50. When people at G-Unit Records asked Boogie to tweak the productions on the "I Get Money" beat, he came up with a number of excuses including saying that his hard drive was broken, etc.

As Boogie was desperately trying to recreate the beat, his excuses were starting to wear thin. Eventually, a G-Unit rep by the name of Broadway starting looking online and discovered that people were saying that "I Get Money" was an Apex beat and not Boogie's. Broadway asked Boogie about Apex and Boogie said he never heard of him. Broadway was finally able to get in touch with Apex, and after that the gig was up.

By the way, Apex said that Boogie's attempt at recreation "was borderline copy-cat. He couldn’t play the melody of the beat. He didn’t use the instrument that I used for the beat" and that "he doesn’t know where the drums came from!"

Safe to say that Boogie's career is over.

Also, Apex said that Fabolous' "Brooklyn" is eerily similar to the same idea and same beat as Apex's. Either way, the guy's getting has hit the top and has sent out beats for other G-Unit artists and Chamillionaire


Billy Shakespeare

August 28, 2007

Rafer Alston Stabbing

Well, everyone, in a world where role models are scarce, we have another fallen athlete.

Rafer Alston of the Houston Rockets was released from jail today. Alston was arraigned on felony assault charges after an incident at Club Stereo in Manhattan.

What supposedly happened was that Alston bumped into a guy, (and pretty much what always happens with celebs in clubs) had some heated words and slashed the guy in the neck. Alston claims he never did anything to the attendant.

This is Alston's second arrest this month (the first being disorderly conduct and assault against a parking lot attendant). Alston's attorney says the streetball legend is "completely innocent." Yeah, which celebrity isn't?


Billy Shakespeare

O'Reilly VS. Nas (Naahs) Pt.2

Bill-o-boy just can’t seem to quit, in this video he tries to hide his racist agenda,
But this time gets exposed by his panel.

Let me add this most of my friends go to Virginia Tech, none of them are opposed to Nas coming there. I also find it funny that Billy thinks he and his team of Floosies "BROKE" this story. This isn’t a story at all once again fox new smearing the truth.

if you missed it, first link here

Inside Bape

Check out the amazing architecture of Bape stores from all around the globe. They show Bape Cuts and Bape Cafe toward the end too.

Billy Shakespeare

This Dude Has Shit Stains!! LOL

Stain In The Underpants - These bloopers are hilarious

also check out our whipe the shit video

T.I, Kanye, Jay-Z, 50, PDiddy, And Swizz On Stage Equals Beef?

Hell naw, this is real hip-hop check it out


When You Know You're on Top... know what I mean.

Billy Shakespeare

Trend: Exposing Rappers

Exposing rappers these days has proven to be quite a new trend. People coming out, putting out DVDs, making tracks, and starting websites--all to supposedly "expose and artist for "who he really is". Hard to say whether these are meant more merely publicity stunts or whether the person really wants to expose the artist. I've got my opinions--a lot of it feels contrived, with the websites and self exposure and all--but that's just me. Do some of these people deserve it? Or don't they? (By the way, the people in vids are more than willing to tell you who they are).

These videos merely scratch the surface. Gillie and Dehaven have quite a bit out.

Billy Shakespeare

Consequence Videos From "Dont Quit Your Day Job"

Consequence - Dont For Get Em.......cop his album dont quit you day job if you havent already it is really good, but its under the radar.

info for Don't Quit Your Day Job! buy the record here

Consequence - Uncle Raheim

Consequence - Grammy Family ft. Kanye West, John Legend

Consequence - Callin Me

Consequence - The good The Bad The Ugly ft. Kanye West (not official)

Consequence - Good News Bad News Skit

Consequence - Guess What Job Song

Consequence - Dont Forget em (RMX) Ft. Kanye West


Halo Wars - In Game Walk Through

you can thank me later

August 27, 2007

Mysterious Movies

It seems that for big movies, studios love putting out the teaser trailer. That's all well and dandy, but it seems that teaser trailers these days have gotten a bit more...well...teasery.

This is a J.J. Abrams project. There is a lot of hype. For now it's called 1-18-08 (If that's really the name, which it probably isn't).

**More info on this movie, there is a buzz that this movie maybe "LOST: The Movie". here is what we know so far.

1. The first trailer for this movie played before Transformers (2007). It showed a blurry camera seeing destruction wreaked on New York City, with the 401 Broadway Building blowing up and the severed head of the Statue of Liberty falling onto the streets. There was no title.

2. A person can be seen wearing a Slusho t-shirt in the movie trailer. It's visible when he leans toward the camera to ask if anything can be seen from the roof after watching the news broadcast. Slusho is a drink from J.J. Abrams' show "Lost" (2004) as well as this film's codename. Slusho is also a Japanese drink.

3. Filming in Los Angeles was done under the fake production title "Slusho", while shooting in New York (in 33 days until August 8, 2007) was done under the fake production title "Cheese".

This is a horror film told in three parts from three perspectives, in which a mysterious transmission which invades every cell phone, radio and TV, turing people into killers. It is called The Signal.

The super teaser trailer is a good idea for getting an audience hooked, but it also leaves a lot of room for disappointment. Expectations, these days, are a very volatile thing. Studios, watch out.

Billy Shakespeare

Owen Wilson Reaches Rock Bottom, Hospitalized!

Said actor Owen Wilson was rushed to an L.A. hospital last Sunday, according to the reports 38 y.o Wilson was picked up and taken by ambulance from his house in Santa Monica, California to St, Johns Hospital in L.A. sometime around 12:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

The National Enquirer and Star magazine have reported that Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide. Inside sources told the magazines Owen cut his wrists and took a number of pills, Owen was found by a family member, who called 911.

*Wilson has been transferred to another hospital in Los Angeles, where his condition has been, more or less stable.

I Hope Owen recovers and finds god, we all need Jesus.


Amy Winehouse Beaten Up

Late Thursday, Amy Winehouse and her husband Blake, were seen bloody and bruised at the Sanderson hotel in London. There were loud noises, crashes, and I think I'll let the picture speak for themselves. Damn.

By the way, I think the dude won.

Billy Shakespeare.

August 22, 2007

XBOX is EA's top priority

To all of those that know, Electronic Arts (EA), isn't exactly the most customer friendly company (putting the same shit out over and over), but we'll be damned if EA doesn't think of the 360 customers first. Check it here

Billy Shakespeare

August 16, 2007

Lupe Fiasco on Child Rebel Soldiers and 50 Cent vs. Kanye West

Lupe comments on what he thinks about the simultaneous September 11 drop. What's more interesting is that he talks of a group called Child Rebel Soldiers (CRS). Their goal is to make music that will last. Music that will stand the test of time. The group consists of PHARRELL, KANYE WEST, and LUPE FIASCO. Find the full report here.

Billy Shakespeare

Bill O'Reilly on Nas (or Naahs)

This story is based on the fact that Nas is on the card to appear at the Virginia Tech concert in September. I think I'll let the video speak for itself.

Billy Shakespeare

10 Best Movies Never Made

An interesting read and almost depressing to know that these films won't be made. The list includes Unbreakable 2 (and 3) and the Halo movie. You can find the list here.

Billy Shakespeare.

The Mind Behind Bape

Nigo, the man behind Bape. Also, the interviewer is quite quite quite...a noob.

Billy Shakespeare.

August 15, 2007

Get BioShock! Today?

It has not yet been completely confirmed, but certain stores have been selling BioShock about a week ahead of its (supposedly) scheduled release date. Some commercials have changed to "Available Now," but Amazon and other sites have still posted an August 21 release date. The main store that seems to be selling the game is Toys 'R' Us
One guy happened to get the thing for thirty bucks. THIRTY BUCKS!!!! As soon as I post this you know where you can find me.
Find the full reports here and here.

Billy Shakespeare.

Slept-on Movies Vol. 1

Hey, it's Billy Shakespeare here hoping to make your movie night. What qualifies a movie as being "slept-on" is if it's either a great movie that hasn't recieved much attention, or if it's a good movie that the public has crucified.
Here you go, you shall enjoy...

The Majestic

This great movie--starring Jim Carrey and directed by Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption)--has gone unnoticed among the public eye. This movie was a huge flop in theaters, and a lot of it had to do with Jim Carrey getting out of his traditional comedic roles and getting serious. The movie is about a screenwriter who gets into a car accident and can't remember who he is. The writer soon stumbles into a nearby town who thinks he's a returning war veteran. Don't miss this one.

The Yards

This movie did get a little attention back in the day. Critics liked the movie, but a lot people didn't. Whether it was because of Mark Wahlberg or the dark tone of the movie, I'm not sure. What I am sure of is almost Shakespearean the way the story plays out. It's about Leo, a man on parole looking for some redemption. Leo wants to help his unstable mother by taking a job in the family's business. The business isn't exactly what he thinks it is and pretty soon he has his own family hunting him down. Interesting, right?

Wipe The Shit!

This guy is obsessed with shit!

August 10, 2007

Nike gets horrifying, with new “Horror Pack”

New Nike SB's are looking fly, they the ones listed below are the "Dawn of the Dead", and "Freddy Kruger’s". These shoes are a part of the Nike "Horror Pack" collection; coming soon I will keep you posted.

August 9, 2007

More Songs.........

if you like them buy the album on either itunes or Zune Marketplace
two more for now!

Michael Buble-Everything

Timbaland ft. Fall Out Boy-One & Only

MS Hires Another EA Executive

Ms has announced that they have hired former EA executive vice president, he is now thecorporate vice president of LIVE, software and services, and apparentky this is a newly created division.

this news comes as a blow to the xbox community, we have already lost Peter Moore.

August 8, 2007

More New Music........

so I have been listening to some pretty good music lately, and decided to share with you guys and gals check out some at the bottom and if you like them buy the album on either itunes or Zune Marketplace

please comment on the ones you like, and hate!

Maroon 5-Makes Me Wonder (Remix) (Produced by Cory Bold)

50 Cent-I Get Money

50 Cent-I Get Money-(Instrumental)

Kanye West ft. John Mayer-Bitter Sweet

50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake-Ayo Technology

The Starting Line-Island Float Away

Lily Allen-LDN

Common ft. Lily Allen-Drivin Me Wild

Sensible World of Futbol/Soccer Coming to Xbox Live Arcade!!

For those of you who are fans of the classic soccer (hmmm), futbol have much to look forward to since the fan favorite will be coming to Xbox live arcade soon.

The game will feature enhanced graphics and online play, along with a season mode. And I’m willing to bet with will be 800 MS points 10$ US, but I could be wrong.

Check out the official site here.

Happy Xbox 360/HD-DVD Price Drop Day!!!

so it is finally official, the xbox 360 is now 50$ usd cheaper.
The $50 price decrease applies to the 20-gigabyte hard drive "Premium" System. MS (microsoft)will also reduce the price of the Xbox 360 "Core" System, which has no hard drive, by $20, to $279.99. Add to that, the price of the Xbox 360 Elite, with a 120-gigabyte hard drive, Black Finish, and HDMI port, will drop $30, to $449.99.

plus if you live in the UK i hear "Marko" stores are selling the core for 200 pounds.
(listed above)

This just adds fule to the fire MS is already burning since last weeks price cut announcement of the HD-DVD add-on, whice come withs five HD-DVD movies free with the purchase.

(*sorry guys the UK is not getting the hddvd price cut yet)

August 6, 2007

I Love Music So Should You!

so I have been listening to some pretty good music lately, and decided to share with you guys and gals check out some at the bottom and if you like them buy the album on either itunes or Zune Marketplace

Jon Mclaughlin - Beautiful Disaster

JoJo - Beautiful Girls

and an oldie from usher - confessions remix ft shyne, kanye west, twista, and joe budden..........his verse was removed form the original remix so i added him back to the song

Back For the First Time

From here on out I will keep at least a weekly update of music news, movies and videos games (but mostly of the xbox360 variety).
So first off I lost my job………
I know, sucks, seems like Ive had a black cloud over my head as of late. On top of that I’m having the depressing feelings of old come back to attack my mental again……….
It’s always funny how you need a loved one to point out your condition sometimes, I was at my grandmother’s house today to pick up some food she bought for me………and we just ventured into a long talk about it all. I told her how I have been in the house all week, weekend and how I haven’t even looked outside. She notified me of that being a symptom of depression, HA GO FIGURE.
Besides that I’m doing fine…………. How are you guys out there?