August 6, 2007

Back For the First Time

From here on out I will keep at least a weekly update of music news, movies and videos games (but mostly of the xbox360 variety).
So first off I lost my job………
I know, sucks, seems like Ive had a black cloud over my head as of late. On top of that I’m having the depressing feelings of old come back to attack my mental again……….
It’s always funny how you need a loved one to point out your condition sometimes, I was at my grandmother’s house today to pick up some food she bought for me………and we just ventured into a long talk about it all. I told her how I have been in the house all week, weekend and how I haven’t even looked outside. She notified me of that being a symptom of depression, HA GO FIGURE.
Besides that I’m doing fine…………. How are you guys out there?


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