August 8, 2007

Happy Xbox 360/HD-DVD Price Drop Day!!!

so it is finally official, the xbox 360 is now 50$ usd cheaper.
The $50 price decrease applies to the 20-gigabyte hard drive "Premium" System. MS (microsoft)will also reduce the price of the Xbox 360 "Core" System, which has no hard drive, by $20, to $279.99. Add to that, the price of the Xbox 360 Elite, with a 120-gigabyte hard drive, Black Finish, and HDMI port, will drop $30, to $449.99.

plus if you live in the UK i hear "Marko" stores are selling the core for 200 pounds.
(listed above)

This just adds fule to the fire MS is already burning since last weeks price cut announcement of the HD-DVD add-on, whice come withs five HD-DVD movies free with the purchase.

(*sorry guys the UK is not getting the hddvd price cut yet)

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