August 29, 2007

"I Get Money" is a fraud

The guy who SAID he was behind the beat was Scott Boogie. Problem was that he was lying. The real producer of the track is Bed Stuy's Apex. Apex posted a number of beats online (including myspace and some other places) and had quite a bit of a following.

According to Apex, Scott Boogie stole a number of producer's beat from myspace, put it on a CD, and presented it to industry heads as his own work. The people at G-Unit records liked what he had and so did 50. When people at G-Unit Records asked Boogie to tweak the productions on the "I Get Money" beat, he came up with a number of excuses including saying that his hard drive was broken, etc.

As Boogie was desperately trying to recreate the beat, his excuses were starting to wear thin. Eventually, a G-Unit rep by the name of Broadway starting looking online and discovered that people were saying that "I Get Money" was an Apex beat and not Boogie's. Broadway asked Boogie about Apex and Boogie said he never heard of him. Broadway was finally able to get in touch with Apex, and after that the gig was up.

By the way, Apex said that Boogie's attempt at recreation "was borderline copy-cat. He couldn’t play the melody of the beat. He didn’t use the instrument that I used for the beat" and that "he doesn’t know where the drums came from!"

Safe to say that Boogie's career is over.

Also, Apex said that Fabolous' "Brooklyn" is eerily similar to the same idea and same beat as Apex's. Either way, the guy's getting has hit the top and has sent out beats for other G-Unit artists and Chamillionaire


Billy Shakespeare


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