August 28, 2007

Trend: Exposing Rappers

Exposing rappers these days has proven to be quite a new trend. People coming out, putting out DVDs, making tracks, and starting websites--all to supposedly "expose and artist for "who he really is". Hard to say whether these are meant more merely publicity stunts or whether the person really wants to expose the artist. I've got my opinions--a lot of it feels contrived, with the websites and self exposure and all--but that's just me. Do some of these people deserve it? Or don't they? (By the way, the people in vids are more than willing to tell you who they are).

These videos merely scratch the surface. Gillie and Dehaven have quite a bit out.

Billy Shakespeare


  1. both these dudes are funny, major figgas sucked accept for abliva he in the re-up gang with the clips now, gillie just has disses to lil wayne.......and cassidy is the illest from philly until beans drops his new cd.

    dehaven is salty he has no money, so he gone say some truth and some lies about jay-z MONEY the root of evil.


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