September 3, 2007

Billy Shakespeare and Marty Mcfly Meet Common

This pic is from the August 14th album signing Common held at Borders in DC. We waited in like for about two and a half hours. It was worth it. The label people wanted us to buy Common's album from BORDERS or else they wouldn't let us in line. That's capitalism for you. As the master craftsmen we are, Marty was able to borrow the mandatory wristband from a passing fan while I just snuck in line. By the way, they only let us have one picture. And not even one with us in the picture. Well, better than nothing.
Meeting Common was larger than life. To be able to shake and dap the hand of a man who is a constant inspiration to you and hip hop--this is enough to leave you mumbling in awe.

The girl who's enormous ass head is in the pic had a real nice drawing of Common (which he signed).


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