September 24, 2007

The Female Perspective: Top 7 Turn Offs

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Writen By Erin Sanderson

Just from my own experience, I have found that some men are very unsure about how to approach women. On the other side, from observation, I have found that some men think that they are God’s greatest gift. Based on this, I have decided that I should come up with some things that men do that are just over the top turn offs. Hopefully this will come in handy when talking to a girl, for both the shy and the cocky!

[P.S. there is no method to this madness… the list is in no specific order]

1. Confidence. Now, I don’t discriminate. Over confidence and under confidence are equally bad in my book. The ideal guy is confident, poised, and collected. Girls want guys who have the right to be confident, they do not want guys who sell themselves with their overconfidence, and they don’t want guys who are unsure of themselves.

2. Stalkers. Please, get the hint. Don’t get me wrong, not all guys are stalkers, so don’t let this scare you. Just talking to a girl DOES NOT make you are stalker. You will get from her vibe whether or not she is feeling you. If she is into you, then you don’t need to worry. If she isn’t you will know, move on…

3. Guys with the stalker/rapist vibe. Now, you don’t ACTUALLY have to be a stalker or a rapist, but if you give that vibe… you are automatically thrown into the discard bin. Please, Please, Please don’t be creepy. It’s just weird and makes girls feel uncomfortable.

4. Clinginess. Once you and a girl have been together for a while being clingy is normal. But in the beginning, it is just too much. Leave her wanting more, don’t call every 5 minutes asking “where are you” “who are you with” it just shows girls the sign that you are going to be possessive and annoying in the future.

5. Standoffishness. Its bad to be too clingy, but its worse to ignore the girl! If you try to “play it cool” and ignore her, she will move on.

6. Don’t make the girl think that you are a play-boy. Just because your friends give you props for sleeping around DOES NOT mean that a girl is going to feel the same way. If you are a man whore, don’t flaunt it. No respectable girl will be turned on by that.

7. Don’t bring up sex before you know it’s inevitable. If you hit it off, and want to get lucky but are not sure if the girl is down, wait until you are SURE it’s going to happen before you bring it up. If you bring up sex too soon the girl will feel like you are going to use her. If you pick her up on the first date, to go the door, and hand her a dozen condoms instead of roses…there is a problem.

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  1. All I want to say is thank you for posting this. A lot of guys are either too confident or they have no confidence at all. I hate it. If they are going to ask a girl out, they should say it. It just frustrates me how some guys are always so unsure about themselves. But I guess they think that we ladies might say no; rejection is just something they have to expect sometimes. =}


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