September 20, 2007

Hip-Hop Beef: Mobb Deep Vs. Saigon

This is why there is a hip-hop police division of the N.Y.C police department, last night 9/19/07 Hip-Hop artist Saigon and Mobb Deep both had a show at the club S.O.B in new York city, soon after a fight broke out luckily no weapons were used and the situation defused without incident accept a couple of punches.

Once again the hip-hop world parallels its self with the WWE, apparently Saigon (yes, Saigon of the H.B.O show Entourage) read an interview earlier this year in which Prodigy of Mobb Deep explained what he thought of up and coming MCs like Saigon saying, “I don’t like him (Saigon). I don’t like nobody really. I’m biased. I only like Mobb Deep shit. Everybody else could suck my dick.” On September 19th at S.O.B’s they got the chance to speak and it didn’t go very well according to what was on video, the video depicts in full clarity Saigon punching Prodigy in the face two times before the scuffle was cleared, a few seconds later he and his "Entourage" for jokes sake ran out of the club and into a nearby car. Saigon also gave a reason why he ran on his blog this mourning saying "“I had already rocked Prodigy, it was time to dip up outta there,” Sai wrote. “Shout out to Big Chris for the human shield technique, he said, ‘You got em, lets go,’ and we went.”


See the evidence for yourself below. (since there are aparently 2 versions on the internets i present both)

Saigons Version

Mobb Deeps Version

Saigon - Don't U Baby ft. Swizz Beatz

Saigon - What a Life ft. Tre Williams

Havoc of Mobb Deep - I'm The Boss from his new album "The Kush"


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