September 25, 2007

Irv Gotti Coming to Reality

Coming soon on your television set get ready for the reality that is…….IRV GOTTI. It’s Murda! Yes Vh1 is apparently now going to cover a day in the life of Ivring Domingo Lorenzo JR aka Irv Gotti, head of The Inc. (formerly Murder Inc.).

Is anyone really going to watch this show?

On a separate note, this morning (25Sep) on Philedelphia radio station 103 The Beat interviewed Ashanti, R&B singer formerly with The Inc, and this is what she had to say about Irv Gotti.

They asked how she felt about Irv Gotti:

She paused sighed and said Irv Gotti was a mentor and friend who she thought she could trust. But now she knows that she cant trust or respect him. She also said she feels uncomfortable in the Murder Inc offices because she feels the bond they had is broken. And with new comer Ashley Joi, Ashanti knows that after her next two CDs, she's outta The Inc. She also said that in previews of Irv's new VH1 show, she was edited out - he didn't want her face in it .... She ended up by saying she sees where his loyalty is!!!!!


Bruce "Da Truth"

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