September 18, 2007

Kobe Vs. Lebron (Team USA)

The happenings in this video are old, BUT! if you haven’t seen it yet, it shows highlights of the Blue Vs. White team USA game. As you guessed it Kobe goes head to head with Lebron, i must add Lebron is an exceptional talent for his age but Kobe is the best player on earth (no disrespect to MJ).

in the video you can check out Lebron blocking Kobe’s reverse jam, but you can also witness Kobe taking over at crunch time with 3 straight buckets (2 in Lebron’s faces)to cap a come from behind win. Other notables in the video are Jason Kidd, and Kevin Durant.

Kobe: PTS:26, REB:3, AST:4, STL:6 > Lebron: PTS:18, REB:2, AST:5, BLK:3, STL:1

Bonus: Carmelo Anthony taking on dump (i mean dunk) on Argentina (the so called #1 Team in the world)


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