September 19, 2007

New Videos......of New Artist *

*The bird And The Bee link fixed

This is Kate Nash's new video for "Foundations" a track of which i have been rocking for a few months now. It's off of her new album "Made of Bricks", and for all of you people out there who enjoy indie music this is a must have album.

Kate Nash - Dickhead off of "Made of Bricks" get this album Itunes or Zune

The Bird And The Bee are a duo who whom i had mistaken for a joke, i was at the 9:30 Club in D.C to see Lily Allen and The Bird And The Bee were the opening act so naturally we joked and dissed them for no reason because we wanted to see Lily, not to mention they wear these 80's om crack costumes to stage. once they set up and started to play they won the whole crowd lead singer Anara George offered to sign i copped an albm and loved it from begining to end.

The Bird And The Bee - Fucking Boyfriend off of there new album "The Bird and the Bee"



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