September 16, 2007

Slept-on Movies Vol. 2

Billy Shakespeare bringing you the best of the should-be best.

Eye of the Beholder

This movie is about a private eye (Ewan McGregor) who is assigned to follow a woman (Ashley Judd). Simple enough sounding plot until the private becomes obesessed with following her and protecting her. It's very odd, especially because she's a murderer (or murderess, I should say). The soundtrack is brooding and the directing is stylish. This movie is just in a league by itself. The performance by Ashley Judd should be legendary. My God. Oh, and speaking of oscar worthy performances, if you haven't seen Judd's new movie "Bug" yet, you better.

I am Sam

This movie, starring Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer, is about a mentally challenged father with a 7 year old's mind, trying to raise and keep his family alive. I know it's almost a cash-in for a great performance when an actor plays a mentally challenged person, but Sean Penn takes his performance to a whole 'nother level. One would think Penn really is mentally challenged. His role doesn't smother the movie though, there are many heartbreaking and funny moments along the story that make this movie very original. Check it out.


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