September 20, 2007 makes "Songs About Girls"

By: :*:MaRtY::*::mCfLy:*:

Saying of the black eye peas' new album is hot is an understatement, the production on this record is flawless, track after track its music to my ears. the only demerit i would give to this album is the fact will has like two guest appearances , will doesn’t have enough behind his singing to carry the album his self. i think will could use his old friends Justin Timberlake, maybe Fergie, Pharrell, Kanye west, Gwen Stefani and Andre 3000 to name a few would liven up the album. Either way this album is hot check it out its called "Songs about girls"…….

Key Tracks: Impatient, Heart Breaker, Make it Funky, Over…..and a few more this album has 15 tracks so think about it.

get it from Itunes or Zune

both tracks are from "Songs About girls" - Get Your Money ft. Busta Rhymes - I Got It From My Mama (Remix)


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