October 2, 2007

Kanye West on SNL (Mocking Himself)


I think this sketch was classic and probably will win an award like Justin Timberlakes performence last year. this skit is a play off of Ye on "106 and Park"...check it out

Kanye backstage on the set of SNL, he runs into Mike Meyers (for the first time since the "George Bush" ordeal.

SNL Kanye West

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The Kanye on Katrina (George Bush)

And the performence from SNL (he messes up on live tv, and than freestyles)

Bonus: Kanye West on Nightline
this video is great it shows a diffrent side on Kanye West, and i love his honesty. (not many artist are as honesty as Kanye)

part 2.

Part 3.

Kanye West - Home (original)


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