November 24, 2007

Celebs Behaving Badly pt.1


Have you ever seen a video that you couldn't believe? your favorite sports figure/actor/singer doing or saying something you couldn't believe?, of course you have (Pictured to the left singer Amy Winehouse caught with cocaine residue in her nose). So in honor of celeb meltdowns and flame-outs i present to you celebs behaving badly pt.1

First up is the much talked about, but hard to find interview of Stephon Marbury, in this video he calls his wife a hoe, describes kissing and being "delighted" about his sister, and just acting odd in general. ALSO...i have come up with a follow up interview with Steph talking about the interview, which also takes a weird turn....

First Interview

Second Interview

Tom Cruise, fist of all let me say i didn't think this video was as bad as the media played it out to be, but the fact remains that people love to bring down celebs.
with that said here goes Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch...

Scott Pollard, an NBA player who while injured, during a game noticed that a camera was in his face and decided to tell your kids something meaningful.

Last but certainly not least, AMY WINEHOUSE, this girl is on drugs so bad she decided to hide some in her hair and than decided to snort it on stage.


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