November 30, 2007

Comedy LOL: Godfrey, Lisa Lampanelli, Sherrod Small


I featured an article a few weeks ago entitled Comedy LOL, and my friends loved it so i decided to put up a new one with new comedians.....ENJOY!

Lisa Lampanelli - "The Queen Of Mean" is an Insult comic from Connecticut, who is famous from roasting Pamela Anderson, Jeff Foxworthy, Flavor Flav, and William Shatner .

Flava Flav Roast

Godfrey - You probably seen him in commercials, movies, TV or at your local comedy club, Godfreys been around for years with out the credit he deserves so this ones for you "UP Guy"

Comics Unleashed

Sherrod Small - Representing Brooklyn NYC (my hometown) Sherrod is featured on variety VH1 show "Best-Week Ever".

Sharrod Small and John Mayer - Chocolate Rain


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