November 30, 2007

Hayden Panettiere Is The Next "Hayden Panettiere"


Hayden Panettiere the latest actress in the long line of stars built from the house of Micky, she has it all talent, looks, and smarts not to mention being from my home town of New York. Hayden also has a knack for singing she is featured on several movie sound-tracks, and is also nominated for a Grammy for her work on the A Bugs Life Soundtrack (in which she also voiced "Dot") she has a album in the works (slated for 2008). Hayden’s talents also fall over into the voice acting department she has been involved in such projects as Disney’s movie “A Bugs Life” (as Dot) and the Disney/Square Soft Games Kingdom Hearts I&II (as Kairi).

Hayden was also featured in movies ranging from "The Object Of My Offection", and "Bring It On: All Or Nothing" alongside TV shows "Hereos", "Malcolm In The Middle", and "Ally Mcbeal".

So back to my point about “Hayden being the next Hayden” she is certainly not devoid of ability and restraint (via Julia Roberts), she’s overflowing with potential, and since she’s from New York I think the fame won’t get to her too much...unlike several other celebs.

Featured below are a selection of pictures from her “VanityFair”, and “Vogue” photo shoots, plus videos of her singing.



Hayden Singing "Try" From "Bridge to Terabithia" (LIVE !!!)

Bonus Video:Hayden Panettiere - I Still Believe


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