November 24, 2007

Kanye Mourns, But Gets "Stronger"


Following the tragic death of his mother Kanye West got "Stronger," during his first show since burying his mother Kanye tried to dedicate and perform "Hey Momma". He got as far to say i dedicate this to my mother, and "I wanna tell the whole world abo...." before he broke down crying.

watcing this video was one of the most touching experiences i have ever seen anyone go through, the spot light shined down on him while standing in the middle of the stage, he cried for his mom while the band played on. He eventually left the stage for a few minutes and came back to finsh his show with the appropriately titled "Stronger", as the crowd yelled KANYE!, KANYE!, KANYE! encouraging him to come back to the stage. Stronger played as the crowd waited for Kanye to come back out, he did, the crowd kept up the chant as he sing "I need you right now!, I need you right now!".

you can check out this video below, along with the Larry Kind Interview of Dr. Jan Adams (the doctor who killed Kanyes Mother)

Kanye in Paris, Performing "Hey Mama" for the first since his mothers death

After recovering from his breakdown, Kanye finishes Strong

Bonus: Kanye West ft. Papoose - Dear Momma (Hey Mama Remix)

And so it seems that Dr.Jan Adams has a checkered past, there has been a number of women who have had botched surgerys from this guy. I think him not doing the Larry king interview was a very calculated move on his behalf, because he knows a law suite is soon to follow (not to mention hes a already a criminal). more on this guy (thx to access hollywood) 1 23 below...

The Larry King interview With Dr. Jan Adams

Criminal Evidence on Dr. Jan Adams

Bonus: Kanye West ft. Papoose - Dear Momma (Hey Mama Remix)


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