November 7, 2007

Quan Set's Camron's No Snitchin' Policy Straight


First of all I’m a big fan of not snitching, mostly from experiences with friends in tight situations. how ever there is a line where snitching is needed in communities, Camron said that if there were a serial killer living next door to him instead of telling the authorities, he would instead move away to avoid snitching. This is to me is disturbing, misguided and unintelligible on Camron's behalf. If someone kills, harms, or hurts anyone I know and love, I will get them done any way I could now if that involves telling on them than so be it.

Below, Camron Giles’: Misguided Beliefs on Snitching.

Quan's rebuttal to Camron's stupid statements

Bonus Jay-Z and Nas - Calling Camron out as a snitch (When will it stop?)


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