November 1, 2007

Studio Spotlight: Kanye West


There, of course, is an inherent difference between musicians and artists. Simply put, musicians play instruments; artists perform on instrumentals. The thing about Kanye West is that he is an artist and a musician. From these clips you can see a range of how he works in the studio; whether making a beat for fellow up-and-comers, or working on his own album, one can see the man's has some work ethic. And he LOVES music. Trust me, there are not that many artists that LOVE music these days. Love him or hate him...

Kanye making a beat (and a hook) for Do or Die--a Chicago rap group.

Kanye working with Timbaland to perfect "Stronger".

Kanye speaking and working on truth.

Jay-Z and Kanye working on "The Black Album" (precisely, "Lucifer).

A little extra...he was working on this beat for the Stripped Music website.


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