November 28, 2007

Wyclef: T.I. = A Prophet


A little while ago I heard about Wyclef calling T.I. Malcolm X. Almost needless to say what I thought about that, but I was thinking if T.I. is the new Malcolm X, then I'm the new Ghandi. I think it is surprising that Wyclef was the one that said this. Of all people, Wyclef. MTV quoted him as saying this about T.I.:

"I believe in one sense he's a prophet," Wyclef continued. "He has that gift. When he speaks, whatever he speaks about, you can feel it. And beyond feeling it, he really lived it. And it's like, he's basically saying, 'Look what I become. And you kids inside of these rough communities, you can become that.' I grew to like him a lot. I got attached to him, and he's someone I would definitely ride for. I went back and listened to it and played it for a lot of homies. And they said the song reminded them of the 2Pac song 'Keep Ya Head Up,' but the 2008 version. Because the song is like, 'I could have been, but look what I become...I vouch for the kid in the sense that I think he was one of the smartest rising stars in not [just] the music industry, but the world. I watched him on 'Hip-Hop vs. America,' and I saw the way he was talking just like Malcolm X. The conversation started getting deeper and deeper. And I think he has influence. When he speaks, it moves a whole generation."

Okay, he did not exactly say that T.I. was the new Malcolm X, but he did compare T.I. to a prophet, to being a prophet. That's fine and all, everybody's entitled to their opinion blah blah, but Wyclef is damaging the word "prophet" (and "Malcolm X" for that matter). It seems as though the bar for being a prophet has, these days, lowered with the quality of hip hop. I do see T.I. as one of the most eminent, brightest stars in the South, but c'mon. If any rapper that talked about how they came up from nothing is now a prophet, then f*** it, I'll fast for one day and call myself Ghandi. That whole "he speaks, it moves a whole generation" scrap about being on "Hip Hop vs. America?". C'mon. I guess he missed the Beef interview where T.I. was bitching out Lil' Flip with an oversized grill in his mouth. Wyclef, in the quote, kind of reminds me of the Stephon Marbury interview Marty posted earlier. I hope this is more of a Wyclef thing than a social thing. Maybe the world is in need of icons and we are so desperate for a leader that it forces someone like Wyclef to look at T.I. as a prophet. F*** is going on, man.


  1. Not all are true. Everyone has their own way of thinking but I think they have to reconsider. I like to argue for the most accurate results.


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