January 29, 2008

Oh You Mad Cause I'm Stylin' On You


When it comes to fashion i stay fly, meaning i rock what i want, nothing sucks more then someone who wears what a magazine tells them or worst MTV. i have an ecletic style im preppy, street, rock(any genre) and shiek at the same time because i dont listen to trends and MTV i have been able to explore many diffrent designers and markets so i decided to share some with you.

Reebok Koolaid's, These kicks are going to be hugh provided they come at a reasonable price...i for one like the red ones. they will be realeased on Feb/1/08

Destroy, out of nyc they have an array of well designed shirts, oh and they are also GIANTS FANS WE RUN NY!!!

Ed Hardy, With his tattoo themed clothes Ed had taken the world by storm, even to the point i saw Hulk Hogan on "Hogan Knows Best" coppin' himself some Ed Hardy porps to Ed keep it up.

UndrCrwn, this guy has taken hip-hop and basketball fashion to another level, he and adidas have colaborated to create the "Adidas Five" line remixed.

PF Flyers, Posture Foundation has been around for a while so its no mistake when you see the classic, vintage style that never seems to grow old. (most everyone knows PF Flyers from the movie the "Sand Lot")

American Eagle, When it come to the layered preppy/vintage look, you cant go wrong with AE they also in have some of the best jeans around (no disrespect to Abercrombie).

True Religion, When it comes to quality in jeans..... beat this.

Rock & Republic, for overall style Rock & Republic takes the cake as proven by their latest line.

Bonus Video: When it come to "stylin on em" this video is the originator.

Patrick Stump The Next Great Hip-Hop Producer?


If you have heard Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool" you know two things, one that lyrically Lupe will be a legend given his next 2 albums, and two the production is stellar. While his album is produced mostly in-house (props to F&F) there is one "Little" exception, he has a track produced by FOB's front man Patrick Stump entitled "Little Weapon". I must say right off bat this was one of my favorite records on that album hands down I had no idea Patrick Stump Produced it until I checked the credits, if Patrick keeps this up we might have the next hot producer from the Chi, not to mention he's lead singer of my favorite band.

Bonus: below the bonus track from Lupes "The Cool"

Lupe Fiasco - Black Out

Celebrity Playboys and their Playgirls


Listed below are celebrity playboys, this list is based on their abilitys to court the most beautiful women in the world.....not just once but twice, thrice and so on.

Derek Jeter, Derek has had the most impresive list of beautiful women i have ever seen this guy has no shortage of beautiful women knocking on his door, from Mariah Carey, to former Miss Universe Lara Dutta.

Lara Dutta (Former Miss Universe)

Tom Brady, Bradys rap sheet isnt that long dew to the fact he dates women for a long time so heres to you Tom "18-1" Brady (Go GIANTS!).

Nick Cannon, when not Wildin out on MTV he is apparently working on his love life, by the list of women ive seen him linked to id say this dude has MAD GAME.