March 12, 2008

10,000 B.C Brings In 35,700,000 A.D


Ok ok i know the pun sucks... [sic] but put it this way the movie looks great, and i must admit...i wanted to see it this weekend but i had previous arrangements. below are some of the meta scores, from what i see it got largely panned (getting a 35 out of a possible 100) but i want to see it anyway looks entertaining Billy may not agree....

Chicago Tribune Michael Phillips, 75/100
Emmerich has no time for poetry or magic, even when the director and his digital wizards (here doing wildly variable work) are trying to dazzle. He’s a taskmaster and a field marshall, not a visionary. But I enjoyed 10,000 B.C. more and more, and more than just about anything Emmerich’s done before.

The Hollywood Reporter Kirk Honeycutt, 70/100
As one might expect, there are campy moments and far too much reliance on God-like interventions in the affairs of early man. Less expected is that 10,000 BC works just fine as an action Western with handsome actors in striking costumes and a few CG predators, which are giddy fun.

New York Post Lou Lumenick, 25/100
I was kind of rough on "Apocalypto," which in retrospect seems like a minor classic compared to 10,000 BC.

Slate Dana Stevens, 20/100
In terms of character development, wit, and simple curiosity, it's dumber than a Neanderthal.

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