March 12, 2008

Travis McCoy Opens Up About His Drug Habits


Gym Class Heroes front man Travis McCoy has just recently opened up about his drug addictions and side note new lyrical prowess, he sites Pimp C, Heath Ledger, and various close friends deaths as the catalyst for change "I was selfish and thought I was invincible, as we all do. I realized something: I gave myself an expiration date, a self-fulfilled destiny I was certain to make true. For some retarded reason I never thought I'd make it past 27. Well, it's nearing, and I'm still here, and I have no plans to leave anytime soon." good luck with that Travie we hope you over come that shit...

But on side bar Travis was raving of Gym Class Heroes' untitled new album (coming this summer) "It's just gonna be a real, real solid record. The demos we have now are just bananas"
video below enjoy, TGTRAX as well


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