April 23, 2008

GTA VI [or better know to right wing conservatives Grand Theft Auto VI]

With GTA4 lurking in the very near future [April 29th], i decided to post on it being that i have been a GTA fan since day 1. And i dont use that term lightly, i mean since the very first game came out, my name SHAWN STEWART was written on the page as pre-order.

I first became acquainted with the game and its dubious features from an ad in a video game magazine [back in those days i wasn't allowed to use the Internet(hey i had good god fearing parents)] i knew that i would want that game on the Sony "Playstation". Once i got it the game blew me and my friends away, we soon became FIENDS for any game Rockstar made, and they made a slew of GTA games from GTA:London, to GTA2 we were hooked.

Needless to say I'm still stuck like a junkie waiting for my next fix, and I'm not the only one by the looks of it, five days and counting until i can run my native NEW YORK city [aka Liberty City], run as in stealing cars, shooting innocent people and causing general ruckus with my friends and family on XBOX Live. so in honor of GTA VI I'm posting a few new ***Spoiler*** vids below.
In The Details: its also important to know the Xbox 360 version of GTA4 will receive exclusive DLC [Downloadable Content] in two installments, which creator Sam Houser said will be "Very Substantial"
Additional Content: seems that pirates who have ripped the game since yesterday are also recommending a purchase of this game [the irony].
Retailers are also preparing for GTA: Best Buy and Wal-Mart already have a plan in place, looks like Chicago has no love for GTA since they decided to ban the ads in transit, the same cant be said for NY, LA, not to mention Rockstar has also announced a website The Rockstar Social Club, devoted to tracking all of you're in game antics, Also Best Buy is offering a $50 gift card with purchase of GTA4 and an Xbox 360, also if you are lucky enough to live in Canada Best Buy is giving away five GTA designed Xbox 360 Elites to the first 100 gamers who wait in line at the select Best Buy locations you will be entered to win various Grand Theft Auto IV based prizes, including the exclusive console, also before i forget check out the special edition which features an art book, game, soundtrack, duffel bag, and lock box to boot.


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