April 12, 2008

Things We Missed: Cloverfield

Their is always something to be said about a movie that parades as one thing, but its true intentions are another. In recent memory has been to big movies that come to mind, Cloverfield and The Village. While The Village posed as a Thriller/Horror it was really a look at humanity, Cloverfield comes to us a Big Monster/Love Story movie, but also has an erie 911 undertone written all over it.

Since i didn't get the chance to gush my love for Cloverfield when it was in the theatres allow me to do so now, with the recent DVD release on April 22 which features two new endings, i cant wait. this movie blew me away who knew that a great producer (JJ Abrams aka Lost creator)/writer (Drew Goddard who reportedly played FOBs Infinity on High in the background while writing this movie and has admitted that much of the film is inspired by the album, although the scenes and songs do not match up)/director (Matt Reeves), and great casting [not to mention the graphics team] could take a $30million budget and make it look like 100, the blair witch meets college art project film type, coupled with often funny dialog, mixed with the over the top story boarding can make a movie so epic in proportion but so small in budget? SIMPLY PUT CLOVERFIELD IS A MUST BUY ON DVD? and or BLU-RAY [sic] (we miss you HD-DVD)
Featured on the disc, below (incomplete)
• Commentary: Commentary by Director Matt Reeves
Featurette: The Making of Cloverfield
Featurette: Cloverfield Visual Effects
Featurette: I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge
Featurette: Clover Fun
• Additional Scenes: Congrats Rob
• Additional Scenes: When You're in Japan
• Additional Scenes: I Call That a Date
• Additional Scenes: It's Going to Hurt
• Additional Scenes: Alt Ending #1 [not one but 2, that ummm rox]
• Additional Scenes: Alt Ending #2
• Easter Eggs: Slusho!• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 2
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 5
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 9
• Easter Eggs: Person of Interest - JLVD Video 11
• Easter Eggs: Rack 'Em & Pack 'Em
• Easter Eggs: Fighting the X
Below my 911 comparison see for your self



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