April 27, 2008

Uwe Boll Vs. Micheal Bay

God knows I'm not the biggest Michael Bay fan, for starters he's probably a paid employee of Fony (Sony) and most of his movies are cliche and OVERRATED. His movies tend to appeal to the younger and/or dumber demographic. On top of that, this guy has the biggest ego I've ever seen...yes even bigger than Kanye West.

Uwe (pronounced Ooo-va) Boll isn't exactly my favorite director either. He has produced and filmed tons of crap like the "House of The Dead", "Postal", and "Blood Rayne" in comparison to Bay, Boll simply SUCKS... for years i have been an enemy to any thing of Boll does, but getting the chance to see some of the worst sap suckers kill each other on PPV? I'd pay unseen amounts for that, right down to selling all of my valued possessions...including my unborn child. but be aware Uwe's no chump, he kicked the ass of some of his critics. What really gets me is the fact that this man has a doctorate. Not for movies though.

Various time wasting video crap below. ENJOY.

Learn to say Uwe Boll's name, I thought it was yooou-eeee Boll.

This is the crap Boll makes...

Yooou-weee responds to his online petition

Yooou-weee on movies he both hates and likes (he has some good points. Too bad he doesn't listen to himself).

Bay's corny commercial about blowing things up (his usual formula) to sell ass movies to the numb and or dumb crowd...

a montage of Bay's bigotry in his movies, you know the black guy who is loud and only uses the words mother and fucker, not to mention the countless puns to any and every minority.

Also Micheal Bay speaks of his involve ment in the Halo and Gears of War Movies

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