April 29, 2008

Who the F is Scarlet? (More like what the F)


Tell you right now that Scarlet...is no one. That's right. It's all a joke perpetrated by LG. Not a joke really, but more of an ad ploy for their new line of LCD TVs: The Scarlet. Gorgeous Natassia Malthe (of Bloodrayne 2 and Skinwalkers fame), stars as Scarlet, the woman with a secret.

I remember I first saw an ad in a magazine and became interested enough to check out the website. The site appeared genuine, but the one thing that stood out was the fact that there was no network for the show. After one figures that out. It's kinda easy to see that it's a trick. Once you know it's a trick, you feel like an idiot because of the way the trailer laughs in your face:

I guess this type of stuff is now becoming a trend with Cloverfield and everything, but dammit if it isn't already getting old.

Wish it was a TV show, looked kinda good.

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