May 7, 2008

Akon Is Less Niko Bellic, More James Frey

According to the website the, Akon's criminal past is being played up in his songs and interviews. Akon built his career from making songs about his alleged criminal past, but police analysis backed by court records show a much more humble wrap sheet. According to [James Frey i mean] Akon, he led an extensive car-theft ring, but has one felony conviction which was for gun possession, and he beat that wrap with just three years' probation. It is also important to know he has SIX arrest on misdemeanor charges [there goes Akon'ss street credibility blow in to A Million Little Pieces, so much for Grand Theft Auto].

PSA: This should serve as a harsh reminder to the kids out there thinking these rappers and T.V personalities are real, they often lie and exaggerate to make a more compelling story.

example: Fat Joe explains the false hood of most rappers.

"Don't you know all of us rappers are great liars?We like to exaggerate, dream and imaginate, Sensationalize bring packs across state"

Jay-Z in "Ignorant Shit"
"They're all actors Looking at themselves in the mirror backwards Can't even face themselves, don't fear no rappers They're all weirdos, DeNiro's in Practice So don't believe everything your earlobe captures Its mostly backwards Unless it happens to be as accurate as me And everything said in song you happen to see Then actually, believe half of what you see None of what you hear even if its spat by me And with that said, I will kill niggas dead Cut niggas short, give you wheels for legs Im a K-I- double -L-E-R "

I present to you Akon "Locked Up"

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