June 20, 2008

Racism's Effect On Life

How does racism effect you? how does it dispose you?, rather you are white, black, yellow or brown racism is a very real problem. Racism has no boundary, just the other night i was playing a game of GTA VI online with a few friends, we got the best of one of the opposing players [Several Times]. After seeing that our in-game caricatures were black skinned he proceeded to call us NIGGERS at the top of his lungs for all of twelve minutes before i decided to mute him. In a completely separate instance i was watching Ego Trips: Miss Rap Supreme and a fight between two contestants turned racist, a black contestant Chiba started yelling at a white contestant Byata "Who's skins is white?, Who's skin is white?". The statement was so blatantly racist as to suggest only blacks should be able to rap, it pissed me off so much i turned off the TV [Video Featured Below]. But we need not stop there what about racism's effect, for example when a beautiful asian women decides to have eye enlargement surgery in order to "look more white", when a black person listens to rock music their peers ask "why are you listing to that white boy shit?", how about the mexican kid who is constantly spoken to in Spanish even though he is a citizen and English is his first language or the middle eastern man who has to "pack light" in order to take an air-plane ride in peace, no matter what race you are you tend to ask yourself a big unequivocal WHY?

What are you guys/gals thoughts on racism? how does it effect you? and also what do you do to suppress or egg-on racism?

Below a few videos, and links to interesting stories involving race.

Miss Rap Supreme: Tensions flare between Byata & Chiba

Barbara Walters had a relationship with a black senator in the 70's, but they both agreed it would ruin their careers if it had been public knowledge back then, so they kept it a secret for all these years until now.

Racism on Xbox Live, are you parents paying attention to you're kids?

I Hate Faux [Fox] News but they hit the nail on the head here.

PBS is also running a show about racism and its causes on health and sociaty at large, its called Unatural Causes...is inequality making us sick.

Below are links to several "People Like" sites

Asian women getting eyelid surgery

Racism Online

Fox News and their on going campaign to run racist and unfair news, also a great website that follows their indiscretions.

Links on racism in video games

Game Dailys Eight Racist Games
Resident Evil 5's usage of black zombies features a white man shooting them the village voice has a nice write up on it here.


  1. I guess its a never ending problem. It´s been almost 1 year since i decided to become a xbox live gold member, and frankly, when you are not in a friend´s party or something you get amazed of all the sort of things that people say. Im from Mexico, so you get an idea what i have to listen some days =/

  2. Racism will continue on no matter what we do. But if we can't get along on this Earth...how do we expect to live on in the After life? Its funny how people claim to be so religious yet they can't love people whom they walk with daily.

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