June 28, 2008

They Tried To Put Him In A Box...

Ryan Leslie is probably the most important producer/artist of the next generation, barring Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Polow Da Don... This guy has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Cassie, JoJo, Nina Sky, Danity Kane, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Donell Jones, Katharine McPhee, New Edition, One Chance, B5, Cheri Dennis, Latif, Megan Rochell, M. Pokora and Usher to name a few. His song writting [i mean gibberish, see below] and production has made him a behind the scenes star and he is now ready to claim the spotlight, you may or may not have heard his latest hit written, produced and performed by him Diamond Girl. You may remember his smash hit a few years ago "Me & You" which he cooked up for the princess of Next Selection... Cassie. Ive heard his first album [Just Right] which was released as a promo in Europe and man I've got to say it was better than alot of the so called music played on the radio.

in my honest opinion Ryan=Kanye of R&B, i mean i have been playing dude for awhile now... and even MTV finds him Buzzworthy.

Below several videos showcasing Ryans talent.

Making of Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl Video

Making Gibberish

Making Sometimes for Cassie

Making Addiction which now ft. Fabolous and Cassie

Video for I-R-I-N-A

Ryan as a Kid circa 1994 [Young Adult is more appropriate]

June 23, 2008

Even Vince McMahon...Gets Rick Rolled.


This was a couple weeks ago...

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June 20, 2008

Racism's Effect On Life

How does racism effect you? how does it dispose you?, rather you are white, black, yellow or brown racism is a very real problem. Racism has no boundary, just the other night i was playing a game of GTA VI online with a few friends, we got the best of one of the opposing players [Several Times]. After seeing that our in-game caricatures were black skinned he proceeded to call us NIGGERS at the top of his lungs for all of twelve minutes before i decided to mute him. In a completely separate instance i was watching Ego Trips: Miss Rap Supreme and a fight between two contestants turned racist, a black contestant Chiba started yelling at a white contestant Byata "Who's skins is white?, Who's skin is white?". The statement was so blatantly racist as to suggest only blacks should be able to rap, it pissed me off so much i turned off the TV [Video Featured Below]. But we need not stop there what about racism's effect, for example when a beautiful asian women decides to have eye enlargement surgery in order to "look more white", when a black person listens to rock music their peers ask "why are you listing to that white boy shit?", how about the mexican kid who is constantly spoken to in Spanish even though he is a citizen and English is his first language or the middle eastern man who has to "pack light" in order to take an air-plane ride in peace, no matter what race you are you tend to ask yourself a big unequivocal WHY?

What are you guys/gals thoughts on racism? how does it effect you? and also what do you do to suppress or egg-on racism?

Below a few videos, and links to interesting stories involving race.

Miss Rap Supreme: Tensions flare between Byata & Chiba

Barbara Walters had a relationship with a black senator in the 70's, but they both agreed it would ruin their careers if it had been public knowledge back then, so they kept it a secret for all these years until now.

Racism on Xbox Live, are you parents paying attention to you're kids?

I Hate Faux [Fox] News but they hit the nail on the head here.

PBS is also running a show about racism and its causes on health and sociaty at large, its called Unatural Causes...is inequality making us sick.

Below are links to several "People Like" sites

Asian women getting eyelid surgery

Racism Online

Fox News and their on going campaign to run racist and unfair news, also a great website that follows their indiscretions.

Links on racism in video games

Game Dailys Eight Racist Games
Resident Evil 5's usage of black zombies features a white man shooting them the village voice has a nice write up on it here.

Ignorant Music And Its Effects

And you wonder why i hate southern Hip-Hop... Minus the Luda's and T.I's of the world. Below a feature of the REAL LIFE 'Soulja Girl'... YAHH Trick Yahh!!!!

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Worst actor in the World: Hayden Christensen


By God's will, I can usually bear bad acting in movies, but everytime Hayden Christensen comes on a screen or a poster, my stomach hurts and I think the world dies a little. It's like watching grass grow. A corpse has more charisma than this dude. God gave him the power to single-handedly ruin a movie. After the Star Wars episode created his career, he looks back upon that time with a simple quote, "It wasn’t necessarily anything you could feel good about creatively. It’s not why you become an actor, to do stuff like that." Are you kidding me? I'm not one to just hate on somebody just to hate, but damn, somebody has to put their fist down. Someone with no skill, no talent, just looks (Seems like the perfect description for Hollywood lately) goes on to curse his career making projects. Lucas gave him a feast, Hayden ate it, slapped him, and took a dump on his couch. He shouldn't be an actor. Seriously.

His interviews are just like his acting.

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Wahlberg's Payne


As we as know or don't know, Mark Wahlberg has taken on the role of Max Payne. Whether you prefer him or Michael Madsen or Edward Norton or Keanu Reeves, it doesn't matter; Marky Mark is on, and he's serious:

"I read the script and said either somebody got really creative or it’s actually more like a movie than most games... Max Payne is not a one-trick pony. It’s probably one of the edgier roles I’ve played but also the most layered. Here’s a very happy guy who worked a dismal job, had a beautiful family. But the beauty in his life was taken away. He just goes on a rampage. It’s all driven by emotion.”

Y'know what Mark? It is man, it is. It sounds like he might be too far into it, but I like an actor with dedication to his craft. Mila Kunis is in it too, by the way. Ludacris too. I know, I'm sighing too, but Wahlberg said he only does movies with good scripts (a reason in why he did not want to do The Departed 2).

There better be Bullet Time. Motherf***ers.

Fake Max Payne Trailer.

This one too.

A real trailer for the an independent Max Payne-ish movie.

The best part is the end: "When it's done." S*** had me rolling.

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June 19, 2008

Bruce Willis & Billy Bob and Kane & Lynch


To be all close to the truth and all of that, Billy Bob has just been a rumor for the irredeemable character of Lynch, but Willis is a sure bet. I had no idea the studios were willing to put up so much money for the Kane & Lynch flick, I expected a small budget movie with half retired actors; now I see that the studios might be serious about this. Guess I should be glad since "Superhero Movie," "Meet the Spartans," and "The Hottie and the Nottie" get greenlights and commerical releases. Whatever, looking forward to it, the game was fun as hell, and if they want to make it like the game, studios are gonna have to fork over a mean amount of cash for the correct amount of craziness. By the way, Bruce Wille is a sure thing. Now look down.

Don't worry, this douche (Jeff Gurstmann) got fired for this review.

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June 9, 2008

What Happened to N.O.R.E.?


I recently feeling nostalgic and it lead me to look up some old videos. You see the result. I remembered when I used to look forward to NORE songs--a few years ago and back when he was known as Noreaga. He had, and probably still has, one of the most unique flows out there. He meshed perfectly with the Neptunes (look down):

Now what's with all this?

I know that the guy is half hispanic and everything, but he needs to stick to what he does best. Rap. Really rap. Short and simple.

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June 5, 2008

You Can't Hate Him Now

With Nas' formally titled album Nigger set to release JULY 1, the Hip-Hop and Black community alike are preparing for what Nas might say. I for one feel really relaxed that an album as ambitiously titled as Nas' ninth disc falls into his hands. Nas has provided introspect into the poor, black, gangster mentality his whole career, and has always been right on, in more ways then one Nas' catalog of work embodies both that of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, Pac because he is so good at putting real life into records and Biggie for his flawlessly delivered flow. That said Nas' journey to July 1 has been arduous and triumphant, he has faced off and lost to a would be state Assembly official in Hakeem Jeffries over the controversial album title [which no doubts seems to be a political play, given hes running for state Assembly], Jeffries publicly asked New York's Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli to withdraw $84 million from the states pension fund which is also invested in Universal/Vivendi, contention on the albums title change. But don't cry for Nas all of his previewed and leaked tracks have all received rave reviews.

Side note: can Nas receive a far review based on his topic of choice? Maxim magazine reviewed Nas' album without hearing a finished product....Dirty Journalism.

Below TGTRAX of the previously leaked tracks and the new track Black President featured on the new "Nigger Tape" mixtape with DJ Green Lantern .

Nas - Black President
Nas - Be A Nigger Too
Nas - N.I.G.G.E.R. [Save & The Master]
and bonus off of GTAIV War Is Nessary

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Can You Smell What Microsoft Is Cooking?

Microsoft shows off Windows 7 which is reportedly set to release later this year [i heard October but when we see it we will believe it]. Since Windows 7 is the main ship for new builds of Windows Mobile 7 and possibly Zune v.3, when will we see a Zune phone?, of course Windows Mobile 6 is still pretty new... and is very touch capable. Until then check out Origami 2.0 and a nice official video of a few features windows 7 will include, note i am very in pressed by Silverlight which i use to stream Yankees games online in TV quality [Surface on-deck Silverlight in the batters box].

Windows Mobile 7 Early Demo

Windows Mobile 7 Concept?

Surface Demos 1-2


Silverlight Demo

Origami 2.0 Demo

June 3, 2008

Che' ft. JKane, Cedric - Get Around Girl....

New Artist Spotlight: my brother and fellow TG writer Che' AKA Cheese, hes a college student who enjoys "freestyling over good beats", he has collaborated with a local producer by the name of The Elements and is currently recording a mixtape/album.

On his myspace music page he gives a list of his musical infulences... def not limited to just hip-hop sighting the following:

"Jimmy Hendrix, JKane, Frank Sanatra,The Notorious B.i.g., 2Pac, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Janis Joplin, Talib Kewli, Pharell Williams, Ray Charles. Because they all made great music. this list can go on forever..."

I [JKane that is and don't you forget it] am featured on his lead track "Get Around Girl", which also features local singer, song writer Cedric. TG TRAX below if you like it download it ITS FREE.

Che' ft. JKane, Cedric - Get Around Girl

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