June 19, 2008

Bruce Willis & Billy Bob and Kane & Lynch


To be all close to the truth and all of that, Billy Bob has just been a rumor for the irredeemable character of Lynch, but Willis is a sure bet. I had no idea the studios were willing to put up so much money for the Kane & Lynch flick, I expected a small budget movie with half retired actors; now I see that the studios might be serious about this. Guess I should be glad since "Superhero Movie," "Meet the Spartans," and "The Hottie and the Nottie" get greenlights and commerical releases. Whatever, looking forward to it, the game was fun as hell, and if they want to make it like the game, studios are gonna have to fork over a mean amount of cash for the correct amount of craziness. By the way, Bruce Wille is a sure thing. Now look down.

Don't worry, this douche (Jeff Gurstmann) got fired for this review.

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