June 5, 2008

Can You Smell What Microsoft Is Cooking?

Microsoft shows off Windows 7 which is reportedly set to release later this year [i heard October but when we see it we will believe it]. Since Windows 7 is the main ship for new builds of Windows Mobile 7 and possibly Zune v.3, when will we see a Zune phone?, of course Windows Mobile 6 is still pretty new... and is very touch capable. Until then check out Origami 2.0 and a nice official video of a few features windows 7 will include, note i am very in pressed by Silverlight which i use to stream Yankees games online in TV quality [Surface on-deck Silverlight in the batters box].

Windows Mobile 7 Early Demo

Windows Mobile 7 Concept?

Surface Demos 1-2


Silverlight Demo

Origami 2.0 Demo

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