June 5, 2008

You Can't Hate Him Now

With Nas' formally titled album Nigger set to release JULY 1, the Hip-Hop and Black community alike are preparing for what Nas might say. I for one feel really relaxed that an album as ambitiously titled as Nas' ninth disc falls into his hands. Nas has provided introspect into the poor, black, gangster mentality his whole career, and has always been right on, in more ways then one Nas' catalog of work embodies both that of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, Pac because he is so good at putting real life into records and Biggie for his flawlessly delivered flow. That said Nas' journey to July 1 has been arduous and triumphant, he has faced off and lost to a would be state Assembly official in Hakeem Jeffries over the controversial album title [which no doubts seems to be a political play, given hes running for state Assembly], Jeffries publicly asked New York's Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli to withdraw $84 million from the states pension fund which is also invested in Universal/Vivendi, contention on the albums title change. But don't cry for Nas all of his previewed and leaked tracks have all received rave reviews.

Side note: can Nas receive a far review based on his topic of choice? Maxim magazine reviewed Nas' album without hearing a finished product....Dirty Journalism.

Below TGTRAX of the previously leaked tracks and the new track Black President featured on the new "Nigger Tape" mixtape with DJ Green Lantern .

Nas - Black President
Nas - Be A Nigger Too
Nas - N.I.G.G.E.R. [Save & The Master]
and bonus off of GTAIV War Is Nessary

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