July 30, 2008

One Mans Take On Racism

The guy featured in the video below has a few stern words for hate monger's, he speaks on various issues concerning race and how it relates to him. enjoy. AFTER THIS I PROMISE NO MORE RACISM POST FOR AWHILE.

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July 27, 2008

Free The Jena 6

Watch this video and learn about the Jena Six.

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Sly Faux

With the release of Nas' "Untitled" which features a song called "Sly Fox" Faux new has been on the offensive. Using the puppet Billo who decided to attack Nas because of his efforts to get faux to start reporting news and stop propagandizing their fascist network. Nas together with colorofchange.org set up a protest against faux at their corporate studios on NY, videos below and more info to take stands against faux. Links: FoxAttacks.com, Colorofchange.org, Sly Fox Lyrics

Sly Fox

Nas Delivers Fox News Petition

Bill O'Reilly talks about Nas' Protest

Colbert Report Discuss' Nas, Fox News & O'Reilly

Nas on Colbert Report 4/23/08 - Performing Sly Fox

BONUS:Fox Attacks Michelle Obama

Nazi's In Russia?

It is erie to think that a nation such as Russia which suffered greatly in WWII due to the ideology of the word Nazi, would be in 2008 embracing it. boiling under the surface is an counterculture of skinhead groups with fascist, racist ideas, these ideas are based on the teachings of Adolph Hitler mixed with the xenophobic hysteria which plagues the Russian youth today. it began shortly after the fall of the soviet union, the boarders were opened for immigrants to come in, since then Russia has had lots of both legal and illegal immigrants come in and take up jobs [not diff rent from our own issues with illegal immigration] for low wages. This of course displaced the already disenfranchised lower class of Russia [which features almost no middle class], so in stead of blaming the government which has failed them time and time again they blame the immigrants for there pain... hence the rise of Russian Nazis.

below are a few videos documenting what ignorance, lack of strong government, and low education breeds. also previously racisms effect on life HERE. Blame that on rap.
From Russia With Hate 1

From Russia With Hate 2

Also Time Magazines featured article of the same name From Russia With Hate.

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Tough Crowd

In video one Methodman of the Wu-Tang Clan successfully jumps into the crowd and enjoys a nice crowd surf. In video two Meth takes it a step further and decides to climb a speaker and then jump into the crowd.... watch and enjoy.

Whats In A Genre?

Believe it or not some artist listen to music out side of their respective genre [and visa versa], so it shouldn't come as a surprise that some artist would venture into uncharted territories. Some people like this concept, and some hate it [no wonder no one reads Slate Magazine], i just like good music... so for you're enjoyment, i compiled a few TGTRAX below.

The Roots ft. Patrick Stump - Birthday Girl , preveously featured here.

Gym Class Heroes Ft. The Dream - Cookie Jar

Jay-Z - Rockstar

Lily Allen - Window Shopper

Fall Out Boy - Beat It

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