August 29, 2008

A DNC For The Ages

With the democrats taking a strengthened positon after the DNC will the republicans mount a come back? i can tell you this Palin isnt going to be enough, we picked Biden and they picked an Alaskan governor who was the head of her local PTO [although her speech was pretty good the other night, im not convinced shes ready all she did was ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK no FACT, thats the slogan of the repub party].... hahaha laughable enjoy the speeches and points of the past, present and future leaders of the free world. also whitness media corruption,

Michelle Obama's Coming Out Party

Michelle Obama: South Side Girl

Hilary Clinton:Tribute

Hilary Clinton Proves She Is A Viable Candidate, And Awesome Allie For Barack

John Kerry's Excellent Speech

Bill Clinton Set Straight Obama's Stand Point

Joe Biden Gets Tough On McCain

Obama Delivers Like Martin Luther King And JFK Before Him


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