September 12, 2008

Obama Vs. Oreilly pt. 2-4

Billo tries to fry Baracks "pig with lipstick" but the real bacon ends of being Billo and Faux Noise. Notice how Billo tries to distort the facts and then change the subject once he's proven wrong,and then he tries to put words into Obama's mouth, also notice how he cuts Barack constantly this isn't an interview its another Fox smear. I mean at one point Billo calls Obama "ROBIN HOOD OBAMA", i guess fair and balanced means standing completely to the right, slander minorities and crack sexist jokes all the while making up political fodder to like this "LIPSTICK" Bull Shit.


pt.3, notice how Billo says the AP leans to the left, and fox news leans? also he did shout down obama


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