September 26, 2008

Rupert Murdoch's Own "Wall Street Journal" Says Obama's Health Plan Is Better

Yes you heard that right Rupert Murdoch owns the "Wall Street Journal" in case you missed that before so now he can spread more lies in more places, in case you don't know who mr.murdoch is he just happens to own fox news... need i say more? either way his news paper company the wall street journal his just released an article stating obamas heath plan is "FAR SUPERIOR TO MCCAINS" perhaps old rupert isn't reading his own publications and let this slip.

Here is an except of ther article, the rest here

The big threat to growth in the next decade is not oil or food prices, but the rising cost of health care. The doubling of health insurance premiums since 2000 makes employers choose between cutting benefits and hiring fewer workers. Rising health costs push total employment costs up and wages and benefits down. The result is lost profits and lost wages, in addition to pointless risk, insecurity and a flood of personal bankruptcies. Sustained growth thus requires successful health-care reform. Barack Obama and John McCain propose to lead us in opposite directions -- and the Obama direction is far superior.

Rupert Murdoch of News Corp / Fox News Admits Manipulating the News for Agenda - Admits he supported the Bush Agenda in Iraq

Murdoch on Obama and Fox News

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