September 17, 2008

What Does McCain Know About The Economy?

John McCain has said in his own words that he doesn't understand the economy, so my question to the republicans hard at work to get this guy elected, WHAT IS HIS PLATFORM?. He picked an inexperienced under qualified VP, he votes with George Bush 100% of the time in 2008 and 95% in 2007, he claims to have helped create the Blackberry [even through he admits he doesn't know how to use a computer], he hangs out with celebrities and their rich Italian boyfriends [Raffello Folleri] who fund him lobbyist money all the while being a criminal, so ask yourself this question WHO IS JOHN MCCAIN?

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McCain: US Economy is Fundamentally Strong

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Economics 101: McCain

John McCain Defends The Bush Economic Record

John McCain Cant Answer Economic Questions, Says He Relys On Others

Rachel Maddow Show: McCain Meeting With Raffello Folleri

Who Is John McCain?

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