October 28, 2008

Sean Hannity VS. Obama's Communication Director

Sean Hannity and Faux News Continue to run racist and false ad's against Barack Obama... you dont need me to tell you they have failed. This video is one i have been sitting on for sometime now and i was waiting to release it, so here it is... Obamas campaign manager calling Sean Hannity an Antisemitic for calling Obama a Terrorist... JUST WATCH.

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- John McCain 9/15/08

No McCain.
No Palin.
No More Bullshit.


  1. he looks like a fag

  2. I watched it but have to disagree, Hannity held his own and never backed down from his position. Not exactly "crushed"...

  3. think he just supports freedom of speech. somethign left wing liberals dont understand. makes sense you would think this was a crushing since sean wasnt allowed to speak really. but yeah freedom of speech is why you can have guests you dont agree with. makes a better show and good debate. its kinda funny sean has an antisemit on his show for an hour so he must hate jews. obama attends revean wright's church for 20 years,but he doesnt share any of his beliefs.

  4. Robert Gibbs gets paid lots of money to spread half truths...i feel sorry for him 1/2 the time and he stumbles and utters.

  5. Hannity gets paid an extraordinary amount of money to spead outright lies. I feel sorry for him.

  6. i don't know where he gets his high rating numbers from. the minute i saw him on the tv i immediately change the chanel. so are all my friends and colleges at work. his broadcasting is pure propaganda. must have been paid by the big business. he is a good example of a political/journalistic prostitute.

    marin gadjev
    edwardsburg, mi


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