October 28, 2008

Fox Tries To Hide Their Agenda

This is much like the video listed below, Fox now calls Obama a socialist... claiming he wants to take from the rich and give to the poor... i guess you can im a socialist then lol, this comes from Obama wanting to cut the taxes for people making less then 250,000 and raising it for people richer than that. Comedy ensues below enjoy another gem straight from faux news...unfair and definitely not balanced. first video Obama's spokes men vs. a fox new minion, second video Papa Bear Billo Vs. John Kerry [billo tries to blame the democrats for not passing the bailout bill on the first go round, kerry explains that the republicans tried to skip out on voting so that the democrats hold the baggage if it doesn't work] BOTH VIDEOS EXPOSE FOX FOR WHAT THEY ARE...

note if Kerry was more like this during the 2004 election her would have won, all thing fox HERE

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- John McCain 9/15/08

No McCain.
No Palin.
No More Bullshit.

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