November 14, 2008

Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux [Preview]

If you read this blog then you know two things i am a die hard DEMOCRAT, and two my favorite band is Fall Out Boy, they write clever songs wrapped in a commercial, stadium music package, how can you top that?. I have been listening to 3 tracks from the new cd and the results are amazing, i have never seen a band change their style 3 times and still deliver stellar product. The new album is titled Folie a deux [Definition of Folie A Deux:(literally, "a madness shared by two") is a rare psychiatric syndrome in which a symptom of psychosis (particularly a paranoid or delusional belief) is transmitted from one individual to another.] and is slated to be released on December 16th [Get that] so below i have a few preview tracks and one unconfirmed track. TGTRAX after videos.

America's Sweetheart's

What A Catch, Donnie

Slid Head First Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet

I Don't Care

Beat It

FOB - I Don't Care [Cobra Starship Remix]

FOB - Lake Effect Boy [Demo]

FOB ft. John Mayer [On Guitar] - Beat It

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  1. Although this is all well and good and accurate, you made a few mistakes.

    From the track listing that was released it stated that 'Beat It' would not be on the new album. And 'Americas Sweethearts' is actually 'Americas Suitehearts'

    Hope that helped =]


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