November 14, 2008

Kanye West - 808 's And Heartbreak [Preview]

I'm going to start posting about albums i like and think you guys/gals should check out, because I'm your strange Internet friend [lol]... so in case you don't read my blog check out my previous Fall Out Boy preview HERE. What more can i say about Kanye West? this guys music is genre bending, creative and defining of his character as well as his genius. The tracks i had the chance to listen to from this album are phenomenal and i don't think any other artist in any forum has tired anything like this... from being a rapper of conscience to a singer of love, life, and loss. With tracks like "Heartless" Kanye uses the auto tune to his advantage he sings his own hook, and raps his verses as well with a beat that thumps in your brain unconscionably like a migraine [a good one, if such a thing exist], and on other tracks like "Coldest Winter" he totally goes Chris Martin [of Coldplay fame] and sings on about a lover who's broken his heart to the point he can never love again, singing "memory's made in the coldest winter, goodbye my friend i will never love again." If you take the time and listen to the songs i have for you below you will be blown away this album will sell a milllie in a week i bet that, even in RECESSION SEASON. TGTRAX. ALSO GET THE ALBUM NOV.24th

808's And Heartbreak Commercial

Amazing ft. Young Jeezy

Heartless official video here


Coldest Winter

Love Lockdown

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