November 3, 2008

A Look Back At The Election

This election began in 2006 we are now one day away from CHANGE, HOPE, and FUTURE of a forever changed country... the one from which i was born via 1985, inside of a Kings County hospital in Brooklyn NYC. Back then i couldn't understand that there was a world past my block. Back then my grandmother use to work for a rich family in Long Island, the Grapels, she was one of their 3 maids, My grandfather was a city worker who also served as a deacon at our local church Mt.Sinai. My mother was a drug addict, and i never knew my father... so my grandmother and father acted as my parents, raising 7 kids of their own in addition to me, my brother and cousin.
eventually my grand parents had saved enough money to move us out of the ghetto's of East New York, landing us in Woodbridge, Virgina. That was in 1995, since then my grand father has died due to complications with his kidneys, my grand mother is struggling with her health and mortgage, and i had to skip college to help out. My grandmother will be 72 next year and expressed to me yesterday that "I hate getting old, everything hurts"... that broke my heart, because she has to work after my grandfathers retirement money was cut earlier this year.

And after being told by some of the readers on this website that i should be hung like the nigger i am, me and obama both... i think it is time for change in America... so as you watch the videos below please remember to vote, and to change the world on NOV,4TH [this historic day will prove to be a pivotal day in all of our lives].

Video below "Countdown with Keith Obermann" the road to november,4th





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- John McCain 9/15/08

No McCain.
No Palin.
No More Bullshit.

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