January 31, 2009

Young Jeezy Responds To Dennis Miller And Billo

After the largely one sided racially fueled rant Billo and D.Miller went on reguarding Jeezy and Jay-Z's performence at the inaguration [which was cut into a clip that takes the lyrical meaning out of context], Jeezy was going to go on Billo's show and argue his point but later decided not to, instead he does a new verse on "My President". check out the song below with download link. TGTRAX. Also watch the Billo and Dennis Miller Video HERE.

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z - My President

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Ryan Leslie Knows What You Like, Album In Store's Feb 10th

Ryans music is amazing please support good music, go download Soulja Boy, buy this album for your lady on V-Day [speaking of V-Day give you girl my Love Tied:Again mixtape, or if you are lonely come V-Day get my Lost and Loveless Mixtape].

Oh before i forget more Ryan Leslie HERE.

January 28, 2009

DJ JerichoxXxKane - Lost And Loveless

So im back at it, this ones for you [KeKe] i know it isnt Badued out, which is in large part because i have something else under my sleave just for you. This mixtape features an assortment of artist from various genres [much like my other tapes] and the songs are focused on struggle and heartbreak. i figured since i gave you guy/gal[s] "Love Tied:Again" for V-Day that i would give the lonely V-Dayers a cd full of heartbreak. WE CANT ALWAYS SMILE. 1 <3.>

Get [LOST AND LOVELESS] and [LOVE TIED:AGAIN], also more mixtapes [HERE]

January 23, 2009

Fox Attacks Obama ONCE AGAIN!!!!!

When Obamas oath was screwed up, Fox decided to have a field day on the story... comedy ensues.

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Fox his an "Exclusive Interview" With Rush Limbaugh

Rush Say's "We are being told that we have to hope he succeeds, that we have to bend over, grab the ankles ... because his father was black". WOW if they didn't know Obama was mixed i supposed he would just be a "NIGGER" yeah i said it, I'm tired of this kind of rhetoric... END RACISM NOW!!! if not in this country at least In the media. He said the left has "Exclusivity" on racism"

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Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Miller Attacks Obama's Speech, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy

Check how they use Obama to attack Jay-Z and Jeezy and then spin right around and attack Obama. Watch Dennis Miller say racist shit like "Fight the power, brother", and "Peace Out". I guess racism will solider on and never end, and i guess faux news will be the public forum to push it on.

p.s the full quote from Jay-Z's line is:

My president is black in fact he’s half white
So even in a racists mind hes half right
So if you got a racists mind its alright
My president is black but his house is all white
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
So Ima spread my wings you can meet in the sky

Full video of the proformence below aswell as Billo and Dennis Millers misleading rant [they play on the stupidity of their audience, its appalling].

Jay-Z and Young Jeezy in D.C.

Jay-Z explains his lyrics

Billo's responce

Jay-Z My President Is Black Verse
, also featured in my Obama Mixtape HERE [the live version that is]

Bonus: Camron on "The Factor"

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January 21, 2009

Spotlight: Mickey Factz


Mickey's been around for awhile. He used to be called Renegade. He used to be called Jack Danielz (WTF?). A resident of the Bronx, Mickey was a ghostwriter over the years for many rappers like Remy Ma. In the past, he had to turn down a deal from Missy Elliot's label, and it seemed the right move since he's now one of the hottest new hip hop artists on the market.
What I think is worthwhile about Mickey is the fact that he is simply not a rapper, but an emcee. At first I was weary. Mickey seemed like The Cool Kids or The Pack, basically just another fashion rapper. I didn't judge too much, I listened. Then I listened some more.

Crazy Freestyle over Kanye's "Say You Will"

January 19, 2009

Yung Berg Once Again Taking The L

YB runs into trouble in FL after crashing on a scooter leaving a Miami club. Crying to the police repeatedly about being an [using this term loosely] "Artist", also they find weed on him which he says "thats just marijuana" also check out his manager only concerned with his chain saying hes only "a buck fifty, and hes wearing 75,000 worth of jewelery". i thought his career was over when he spoke of "black butts", and his chains being robbed repeatedly...

More on YB HERE

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DJ JerichoxXxKane - Road To The Dream

Its finally done, the Barack Obama mixtape that took me all day to complete is done. So if you are a Obama supporter download my latest mixtape, it is a musical journey from Baracks Iowa win to the inauguration. Please enjoy and as always if you like our site please comment and give us feedback.

get Road To The Dream HERE, and other JerichoxXxKane mixtapes from HERE.

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DJ JerichoxXxKane - Love Tied:Again

This is the sequel to mixtape "Love Tied" which featured an assortment of classic and new love songs, "Love Tied:Again" features all new love songs, and also has a few acoustics versions of songs like Chris Browns "With You". enjoy and once again if you like what we are doing here please comment.

PSA: you will need either winzip, or winrar.

download LOVE TIED:AGAIN HERE, also get my other mixtape's HERE

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January 12, 2009

More Police Trouble


I know this may seem a bit dumb, but you still get that oppressive feeling. Not worth going to court? Yeah, that's some bulls***. Steering an ordinary citizen out of court because of the fees. Homer Simpson might be telling the truth.

January 11, 2009

Police Shootings: A Retrospective


One would think that after Rodney King, CSI and all of the advances in criminal technology, people would be more likely to get convicted and less likely to be wrongfully accused. It seems as though these "accidental" shootings are happening more and more frequently and less and less is being done about it. Not much else to say, the rest is self-explanatory.

Adolph Grimes

Oscar Grant

New Years night. Taken off the subwway because of an altercation on a subway, Oscar Grant and a couple friends were being held on the passenger platform. Grant was handcuffed and shot in the back. The officer who shot him has since resigned and will not talk to media. He has also not been charged for the shooting.

Sean Bell

On the eve of his wedding, Bell was at a club in Jamaica Queens, DC. An argument supposedly took place between the clubowner and another woman. Supposedly, one of Bell's friends told Bell to get his gun. An undercover cop followed Bell into his car and told him to raise his hands, allegedly not identifying himself. Bell allegedly accelerates and hits the cop and an unmarked police van. Police come out of the van and hit Bell with 50 shots. Some say, he was hit without warning and without the cops identifying themselves.

Some more details:

The douchebag side of things:

Amadou Diallo

A twenty-three year old immigrant from Guinea. He came to the US to study biochemistry. Even though his application for politcal asylum was made up, he was legally allowed to be in the US since he had a visa. The day of the shooting, the police (Edward McMellon, Sean Carroll, Kenneth Boss and Richard Murphy; in ordinary clothes) thought Diallo fit the description of a serial rapist. Diallo ran up to his apartment, and on the chase, one of the cops yelled "GUN!" since Diallo supposedly reached into his jacket. They shot him 41 times. The Medical Examiner said he was even hit while on the ground.


The douchebag side of things:

January 5, 2009

On The World's Worst Freestyles...


I have nothing against south rap, but it seems that the whole slow, inarticulate style bleeds out of the lower part of the USA. I remember something Common said a while ago: "To be able to rap is a gift...you get this microphone in front of you, what're you gonna do that's gonna sound original, true to you. Lyricism sparks the minds of it listeners...we need lyricism in hip hop. We love it." I'm not sure it it's a case of rappers not listening to lyrical rap, not growing on it, or just so arrogant that they are afraid to get better. It could have a lot to do with the friends around them (Check the Gucci Mane vid below). I thought I was going to do a blog about wack rappers, have some fun, etc. I realize now that this more of a plea for help. Dumb s*** wouldn't sell so much if people didn't like it. Education is is the s***ter, so maybe that's where it needs to start.

Kinda hurts my stomeach when his mans next to him put their hands up in the air "oh snap, he's ill."

On a fun note (if you weren't haven't fun already), a bonus classic:

Fan Made Kanye Music Videos


These are pretty well done. The first one borrows clips from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Not too much though. I recommend watching these in HD.

Kanye West - Street Lights (Fan-Made Music Video) Flipboitamidles from Benedict Tamidles on Vimeo.

Kanye West - Coldest Winter (Fan-Made Music Video) Flipboitamidles from Benedict Tamidles on Vimeo.

January 4, 2009

Lupe Fiasco Has A New Alternate Personality

So im on myspace music and i stumble upon an indie rap band or artist called Japanese Cartoon, i listen to the it and it sounds dope. So next thing i know im looking them up on google and i read that Japanese Cartoon is a side project headed by Lupe Fiasco.
Check it out HERE

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Adele Mick Boogies To 80s Hip-Hop

This is one of my favorite Mixtapes of the year, it has Adele mixed with hip-hop songs from 1988. If you are an Adele fan and you enjoy hip-hop or your looking for something different you will love this.

Get Adele - 1988 HERE

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Jay-Z Meets Radiohead In New Mixtape

New mixtape that mashes Jay-Z with radiohead, i haven't even heard it yet but it probably follows the same type formula that Cookingsoul did mashing Jay-Z with Oasis, also Mickboogie's mixtape mashing Jay-Z with Coldplay.

Get Jaydiohead HERE, Liva La Hova [Coldplay mixtape], JAYZSIS [Oasis Mixtape]

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January 3, 2009

The Definition Of A "G" By Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne gets a Gatorade commercial amongst other things, also an alternate take on "G". as always comments are wanted and if you like this blog bookmark us please. <3.

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Tourette's Syndrome Make's Girl Racist

Wow even Tourette's Syndrome is racist... to black people of course. watch this video.

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Funny Holiday HP Commercials

Here are a few holidays commercials from HP pitting their computers against other holiday gifts.

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Kathy Griffin "Slaps Dicks" Out Of Anderson Cooper's Mouth

Kathy shouldn't come to your job and "slap the dicks out of your mouth"

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January 1, 2009

DJ JerichoxXxKane - [RED]/[BLU]

This is my latest mixtapes it features various songs from various genres. RED and BLU take em both and enjoy please comment if you like.

Get both from clicking the pics or the links below, also you will need either win zip or winrar to extract the files


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Joe Budden Saves Hip-Hop, Jay Smooth Agrees...

Ransom was one of Joe Budden's artist who defected for more attention, they have been battle rapping for about 6 months. That was until this video below, this stupid situation moves to violence for no reason. PSA: you must understand this doesn't make Ransom look gangsta or hard it shows how childish and stupid Ransom is. Watch Joe Budden diffuse the situation with wise words,showing growth and maturity.

First Jay Smooth of theilldoctrine.com's take

Ransom shows his own stupidity

Joe Budden shows class and maturity

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Is Hip-Hop Jumping Out The Window?

listen to this as you read

There used to be a time when I looked forward to a new album release, that's not to say I don't any more, but more like in BB Kings words “the thrill is gone”. I remember saving my lunch money for the latest DMX album and talking ad nauseam about who the best rapper was [with the focus on lyricism, not who's the hottest [looking at you MTV]. Flash forward to 2008 hip-hop has evolved into one long Sarah Palin meets MC Hammer infomercial, polluted with stupid dances and unintelligible lyrics, how could it be? How could the genre that helped shape my thoughts on grammar, racism, sex, and poverty amongst other things decay to the point me and Kanye West both, no longer listen to hip-hop regularly?. Is Hip-Hop dead?,[sorry rap haters] absolutely not! because there is an underground brewing with creativity and talent [think how Emo helped rock], with the new year on the bubble will record executives finally take notice [but they probably wont].

Ring tones Killed The Hip-Hop Star

The death of hip-hop wasn't subtle, it began back in 2004 when “the attack of the ring tone rappers” happened. A ring tone rapper is an artist who has a catchy single, which their label pushes on the radio, TV and Internet these artist may sell a million ring tones but usually flop in album sales. This strategy was tried and true in the nineties, but that was before the Internet, CD burners, and mp3 players [not to mention the quality in the music]. Ring tone rappers like Mims, and Soulja Boy Tellem who are typically slim on the lyrical content and fat on the beats and party themes are the recent ring tone leaders with hits like “Crank That”, and “This Is Why I'm Hot” which both sold millions of ring tones respectively. This strategy has proven detrimental to Hip-Hop with album sales declining more then 30% over 6 years.

Who Can Save Hip-Hop?

The underground movement in hip-hop is very very strong right now, with industry survivor Joe Budden leading the way. Joe Budden knows what its like to be a ring tone rapper, he had the smash hit “Pump It Up” in 2003 which earned him a Grammy nomination. Joe's career seemed to be launching when disaster hit, his album sold a little over 500,000 copies [it went Gold], back then if you didn't go platinum on Def-Jam you would be dropped or the label lost confidence in you. This left Joe in limbo with the label, with mounting pressure to rekindle “Pump It Up” for his sophomore album but Joe had already evolved as an artist and wasn't interested in making the same records. This move proved costly for Joe the label wouldn't drop him and Joe wouldn't release his masters to them a stalemate ensued. Thats when Joe had an epiphany he realized that the Internet was his friend. Joe began working on the Mood Muzik series which featured all new original songs about his personal life. The buzz Joe received from the mixtapes earned him awards and accolades which brought the big labels back knocking, but Joe learned from his Def-Jam days and signed on with an independent label Amalgam Digital who now release his albums on the Internet, with a retail album coming next year.

The Candidates

Independent labels are more and more becoming home for underground artist like Blu & Exile, The Cool Kids, Joel Ortiz, and Papoose to name a few. Smaller labels use blog's and mixtapes to get their artist broken in, which proves to be less costly and very effective. The rise of the underground artist isn't the end of the established artist and big labels though with artist like Jay-Z, Nas, Ludacris, T.I., and The Game leading the way with great buzz worthy albums this year. Proving that the quality is there but label backing, radio play, and sales aren't. Piling on to that there are the creative and genre bending artist like Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Common and 88-Keys among others. These artist represent the evolution of hip-hop but labels don't typically push or green light there projects.

Change Or Die

The music industry must change to survive, they must start with artist development and end with quality content. Big Labels have to learn how to beat small labels at their own game because blog's dictate whats cool now, not MTV. Think how Def-Jam did it in the nineties they signed Ja rule, Jay-Z and DMX at the same time, those artist at their prime went 3-5x platinum every go round. I remember DMX was featured on song after song and he killed every song he was on [like Fabolous on Lil Mo records], Ja rule followed and Jay-Z had smash hits at will, the difference between them and Mims and Soulja Boy is simple they could rap, they were polished and they put out superior product that had me saving my lunch money. I want to go back to the days of “arguing all day on who's the best rapper alive? Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas?.”

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The Young Turks Take On The "Magic Negro" Scandal

No words for this kind of tom foolery.

You know Fox Noise had to report on this, Billo...

Cnn as well

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