January 23, 2009

Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Miller Attacks Obama's Speech, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy

Check how they use Obama to attack Jay-Z and Jeezy and then spin right around and attack Obama. Watch Dennis Miller say racist shit like "Fight the power, brother", and "Peace Out". I guess racism will solider on and never end, and i guess faux news will be the public forum to push it on.

p.s the full quote from Jay-Z's line is:

My president is black in fact he’s half white
So even in a racists mind hes half right
So if you got a racists mind its alright
My president is black but his house is all white
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
So Ima spread my wings you can meet in the sky

Full video of the proformence below aswell as Billo and Dennis Millers misleading rant [they play on the stupidity of their audience, its appalling].

Jay-Z and Young Jeezy in D.C.

Jay-Z explains his lyrics

Billo's responce

Jay-Z My President Is Black Verse
, also featured in my Obama Mixtape HERE [the live version that is]

Bonus: Camron on "The Factor"

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  1. The Camron & Damon Dash interview was a joke. They neither answered or admitted to anything, which is horrible. Then trying to push the blame on the principle is horrible. The Denis Miller interview was not great but it does point to one thing that needs to be heard, "Rap or sport figures are no longer going to be the only role models"

  2. Oh if you want to have more dialog find me at misterapoints.blogspot.com


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