January 11, 2009

Police Shootings: A Retrospective


One would think that after Rodney King, CSI and all of the advances in criminal technology, people would be more likely to get convicted and less likely to be wrongfully accused. It seems as though these "accidental" shootings are happening more and more frequently and less and less is being done about it. Not much else to say, the rest is self-explanatory.

Adolph Grimes

Oscar Grant

New Years night. Taken off the subwway because of an altercation on a subway, Oscar Grant and a couple friends were being held on the passenger platform. Grant was handcuffed and shot in the back. The officer who shot him has since resigned and will not talk to media. He has also not been charged for the shooting.

Sean Bell

On the eve of his wedding, Bell was at a club in Jamaica Queens, DC. An argument supposedly took place between the clubowner and another woman. Supposedly, one of Bell's friends told Bell to get his gun. An undercover cop followed Bell into his car and told him to raise his hands, allegedly not identifying himself. Bell allegedly accelerates and hits the cop and an unmarked police van. Police come out of the van and hit Bell with 50 shots. Some say, he was hit without warning and without the cops identifying themselves.

Some more details:

The douchebag side of things:

Amadou Diallo

A twenty-three year old immigrant from Guinea. He came to the US to study biochemistry. Even though his application for politcal asylum was made up, he was legally allowed to be in the US since he had a visa. The day of the shooting, the police (Edward McMellon, Sean Carroll, Kenneth Boss and Richard Murphy; in ordinary clothes) thought Diallo fit the description of a serial rapist. Diallo ran up to his apartment, and on the chase, one of the cops yelled "GUN!" since Diallo supposedly reached into his jacket. They shot him 41 times. The Medical Examiner said he was even hit while on the ground.


The douchebag side of things:

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