January 5, 2009

On The World's Worst Freestyles...


I have nothing against south rap, but it seems that the whole slow, inarticulate style bleeds out of the lower part of the USA. I remember something Common said a while ago: "To be able to rap is a gift...you get this microphone in front of you, what're you gonna do that's gonna sound original, true to you. Lyricism sparks the minds of it listeners...we need lyricism in hip hop. We love it." I'm not sure it it's a case of rappers not listening to lyrical rap, not growing on it, or just so arrogant that they are afraid to get better. It could have a lot to do with the friends around them (Check the Gucci Mane vid below). I thought I was going to do a blog about wack rappers, have some fun, etc. I realize now that this more of a plea for help. Dumb s*** wouldn't sell so much if people didn't like it. Education is is the s***ter, so maybe that's where it needs to start.

Kinda hurts my stomeach when his mans next to him put their hands up in the air "oh snap, he's ill."

On a fun note (if you weren't haven't fun already), a bonus classic:

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